Omensight – Become the Harbinger and Change Fate

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Another excellent and unexpected adventure I had at PAX South all started when someone from Spearhead Games handed us a business card between interviews. I was very intrigued by the newly announced game they were showing off, so we made our way over to their booth. We found Omensight, a 3D action adventure platformer that took us by surprise with a compelling multi-path story, a beautiful neon slasher-esque art style, and a crisp combat system that seems to pay homage to Ninja Gaiden or the Batman Arkham series.

We were able to get an interview with Malik Boukhira to discuss more about the game and get a little background on Spearhead Games.

I only got to play a short demo but I am impressed with everything I’ve seen so far.  Be sure to keep your ear to the ground for more information on Omensight from Spearhead Games.

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