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Nintendo left us reeling from the uppercut of information they just dropped in their Nintendo Direct.  Lots of new tidbits like the juggernaut that is Overwatch coming in October as well as twenty Super Nintendo Entertainment System games.  With some of the SNES games coming as soon as tomorrow, others rolling out over the next couple of months and some classics like Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition coming next year, Nintendo has delivered a satisfying direct experience to their audience yet again.

They also gave us quite a bit of information on titles that we already knew were coming like different multiplayer modes for Luigi’s Mansion, the Chamber Dungeon mode in Links Awakening, as well as some delicious details in Pokémon Sword and Shield and Animal Crossing.

Out Now

We also got a few sneak releases for today!  That’s right, the day of the direct they released a new free to play Kirby game, a demo for the exciting new mech action loot shooter Daemon X Machina, Banjo and Kazooie for Smash along with several other surprises, be sure to go ahead and watch the whole Direct posted above so you don’t miss anything!

The List Goes On

Let me just drop some more big names that were mentioned in this direct Trials of Mana, Little Town Hero, Dragon Quest Eleven, Deadly Premonition, Tokyo Mirage Sessions Fire Emblem Encore, Star Wars, The Witcher, Assassins Creed, Doom, Dauntless, and… and well you tell me if I missed any because I’m sure I did but I got kinda busy when my kids started coming at me with their Switches to download games and demos after watching the Direct with me.  As usual, I’m sure some people were disappointed in Nintendo for not announcing a Zelda Wind Waker HD port or anything about Metroid Prime Four but that just leaves Nintendo being Nintendo and you wanting more.

One More Thing

The creator himself, Mr. Sakurai had his own little Smash Bros. Direct after the main presentation to show us how to use Banjo and all the details of the new character, fighting stage, music, and update 5.0 which includes the long-awaited return of home run contest!

August (a.k.a. Draco Augustus) is a dad gamer who loves sharing all of his geeky passions with his family, from Marty McFly to Mario and Master Chief. He is also the co host of the Nindies and Indies podcast and founder of the Houston Switch Club. #GoStros

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