Ninten-News 11-13-17 – Weekly Nintendo News and Releases


It’s been another exciting week in gaming and we’ve got your Nintendo related news right here in your weekly Ninten-News 11-13-17 newsletter.


Ginger: Beyond the Crystal Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Badland Games announced last week that they are bringing Drakhar’s game, Ginger: Beyond the Crystal to the Nintendo Switch this Fall. The game takes a lot of inspiration from 3D adventure platformers such as Mario 64, Spyro and Zelda. Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is hitting the Switch eShop on November 17th with a physical release coming sometime in 2018.

Super Mario Odyssey is the Fastest Selling Mario Game of All Time

Five days after release, Super Mario Odyssey broke more than 1.1 million copies sold in the United States, making it the fastest selling Mario game ever within the US. The announcement comes off the heels of the news of Odyssey breaking 2 million copies sold worldwide in three days. Super Mario Odyssey continues to get great marks from reviewers across the board. Be sure to check out the MHG review of Super Mario Odyssey here.

Miiverse Officially Closes Down

Nintendo announced that they would be shutting down and deleting everything from their social space called Miiverse. The past week had twitter swarmed with the #MiiverseMemories and users sharing some of their favorite Miiverse posts like this Pikman post below.

Nintendo Switch Adds First Streaming App

In a surprise announcement via twitter last week, the Switch is getting its first video streaming app in the form of Hulu. The addition of Hulu means that Switch owners can stream Hulu’s exclusive content for $8/ month or at an additional cost for $40/ month viewers can have access to live TV. With this news, Switch owners can hope to see Nintendo bringing other streaming apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video hopefully sooner rather then later.

Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch is Almost Here

Psyonix recently announced the official release date of their much-loved game, Rocket League. The rocket-car-soccer hit will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch eShop on November 14th. In a tweet where Psyonix were asked if there was a physical release planned for the game, the Rocket League developer responded that on November 14th, Rocket League would only be available digitally with news about the physical Switch release at a later date.

Ninten-News 11-13-17 - Weekly Nintendo News and Releases

A Special Samus Bounty Hunter themed car for use with the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League coming November 14th


Nintendo Switch

Batman: The Telltale Series – November 14th

Ben 10 – November 14th

Ittle Dew 2+ – November 14th

L.A. Noire – November 14th

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 – November 14th

RIME – November 14th

Rocket League (Digital Only) – November 14th

Antiguia Lost (Digital Only) – November 16th

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – November 17th

Green Game: TimeSwapper (Digital Only) – November 17th

RIVE: Ultimate Edition (Digital Only) – November 17th

VVVVVV (Digital Only) – November 17th

Xenoraid (Digital Only) – November 17th

Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Ultra Moon – November 17th

Pokemon Ultra Sun – November 17th


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