New Outriders Stream Coming Next Week

>>INCOMING SIGNAL DETECTED // Outriders Broadcast 2 arrives Thursday, July 2

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Last month, Square Enix hosted Outriders Broadcast #1 to begin building steam on the hype train for People Can Fly’s upcoming shooter, Outriders. On Friday June 26, it was announced that we’d be getting the second stream in that series showcasing even more information.

Outriders Broadcast #2 is more specifically titled “Beyond the Frontier” and will bring even more to the world building of the game. In this episode, we will also see more of the NPCs as well as a new area that we have yet to see in previous updates. Similarly to the last stream, they will be breaking down one of the games unique classes. This time, we’ll see a more in-depth look at the Pyromancer.

Watch Outriders Broadcast live on July 2, 2020 at 9am PDT on the Outriders YouTube Channel or the Square Enix Twitch Channel. We will have a detailed breakdown on the stream here on Friday July 3rd.

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