Skyrim: Special Edition – Mods for Xbox One & PS4

Previews Skyrim

Skyrim: Special Edition will be here in two days

With it, console players will get a special treat that until now only PC players enjoyed – Mods! Xbox One and PS4 owners will be able to import Thomas the Tank engine followers skyrim modsand play headband wearing Argonians.

I got my modding fix playing Skyrim on PC years ago. Five years later consoles are finally catching up. I checked out the latest list of mods that are be available for the special edition version on Friday and recognized a few of them from the hundred or so I used with the pc version. To date, there are 80 mods available for Xbox One and 18 available for PS4. The inequality between number of mods has to do with mod sources and what Microsoft will allow as opposed to what Sony will allow. Sony has much more stringent rules. There’s more to it than that but that’s another discussion. Note: This list is constantly changing. In the span of twelve hours, ten more mods have been added to the list.

Here’s my List of Must Have Mods for Consoles – in no specific order – compiled from the 98 console mods listed on Bethesda’s site as of today

Rich Merchants of Skyrim

lampposts of Skyrim

Alternate Start – Live Another Life 

Point The Way 

Lore Based Loading Screens 

Rain And Snow 

The Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Call me crazy, but the first time reviewed Bethesda’s mod list there were four mods I placed on my list but they are not there now. They are: Skyrim Unbound (similar to the Alternate Start Mod) SkyUI, Immersive Weapons, Violens (used to be  & Deadly Dragons. If you see them, add them to your list.

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  1. Oh so this is the article you were texting me about last night as I feverishly updated and modded Skyrim before playing it until 1AM this morning!


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