Mules of War


WELCOME TO The Mulehorn Gaming Clan – Mules of War

The official clan of the Mulehorn Gaming Website and Analog Assault Podcast.

Do you experience mild to moderate k/d? Ask your doctor about the Mules of War. Well, not really. We can’t help with that. But we do have lots of shenanigans and like to play games with friends, no k/d required. From the sweaty PVP player to the lowest of low key friends. All are welcome. Game on.

If there is a game with a clan system you can probably find us there!

Bungie clan page here.
Join our MHG and Clan Discord here!

Games we play: Anthem, Destiny 2, Overwatch, Skyrim, Mass Effect series, Warframe, Assassins Creed, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and more! Let us know what games you play in your application!

We operate socially in our Discord chat server.  Click here to download. You must provide your Discord tag to apply to any of our clans. Below are the rules.

1. Try not to be a jerk 🙂
2. Do NOT discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or political beliefs.
3. Do NOT SPAM (repeated messages, chat floods)
4. Do NOT abuse your use of @everyone
5. Chat is 18+


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