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Last year was such a treat for Thaddeus Prime and myself. We went as attendees and were awe-struck from the moment we walked into the doors of PAX. We got to meet great people and experience so much… You can read all about it here. This year was a little different. We are super excited as we got to bring part of our team as media.


Mulehorn Gaming as media

Wow! This year was totally different for me. We got to bring a great group of guys to PAX this year as media. The Mules spend days before the trip answering emails, setting up interviews, and making sure we had a battle plan going in to the event. We have worked hard to grow the website and podcast. Us four podcast guys (Thaddeus Prime, Dirty Bobombz, Circuit8, and Mulehorn117) took what started out as a dream into a reality. Mulehorn Gaming is not only us four podcast guys, we now have eleven people contributing to help grow this dream. And, with our combined power…. wait that’s another story. We did it. We finally got that media badge.

Day 1

Mulehorn Gaming Media Badge

To top it all off, I finally got to meet Alex ‘Circuit8’, long time podcast cohost, in person along with all the other contributors. It felt surreal. Any person out there knows what I am talking about when they had worked toward a goal, or dream, and you are starting to step into that dream. All of them were great guys. I got to pick up Christopher ‘Twowolvzz” at the Austin airport for the short 2 hour drive down to San Antonio. One of the great things about this industry, and being who I am, is getting to hear all the stories from others. Getting to meet all these guys in person and hear their stories felt so good. We were excited with all of the interviews, coverage, and the podcast that we ended up staying up till about 3 AM Saturday. The grind as media was real, but it was such a good feeling to be tired while doing something you love.

Grab your coffee

The mules schedule.

Our coverage was action-packed. Tons of panels, interviews, networking possibilities, and more were scheduled on Friday. My day started at 5:15 AM when I grabbed my gear and hit the road. The drive from Austin to San Antonio is short, but it felt so long with the level of excitement Christopher and I had while chatting about all we had scheduled for the day. Upon arriving at the hotel, we met up with all of our fellow Mulepack to review the battle plan. Handing out the Orange Walkie Talkies was the first order of business. Last year, Thaddeus and myself learned that cell reception in PAX is a little less than desirable, and with all the activities for the day we had we needed to communicate in a fast way. One of the funny stories involving the Walkie Talkies, that you can hear on our latest podcast, is when we started chatting with Mallory from Discord about future possibilities. Trade secret: She looks for people with orange walkies. Ha!

Between picture-taking and interviews, I tried to hit up as many panels as possible. One of those panels was Streaming 101. One of the panelist was Matt Salsamendi with Beam. After getting some great tips about streaming, Derek ‘Scrapgear’ and myself got a chance to chat with Matt. We are very excited to see where Beam is going in the future.

Let’s not forget that there is also Twitch. Since Mulehorn Gaming just started to get into streaming, I had to check out that panel as well. You can read all about the Twitch Town Hall panel and the beta coming in February here.

Saturday was even crazier, as this is typically when the conference is busiest with foot traffic. We started out the day with a great interview with Rooster Teeth Games, their new game publishing division, and rounded out the day with the Game Industry Career Panel. You can hear the full panel for that here.

We have so many great stories to share, so make sure you listen to the podcast for more!


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