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Happy 4th of July! This week in comics brings several first issues, more mini-series, and variants galore!  It wouldn’t be 4th of July without a Captain America appearance. Marvel wraps up Uncanny X-Men to make way for House of X and Powers of X. DC introduces a leading lady to her first solo run and plays with zombies. After that last issue of The Walking Dead, where does the series go next?

Marvel Spotlight: 

Star Wars: Target Vader #1

There is no shortage of Star Wars titles to choose from.  If you are looking for a throwback to the original Star Wars run this book might be for you. This is a new 6 issue mini-series highlighting the return of Valance, a bounty hunter from the original Marvel Star Wars run.  Injured in combat and discharged by the Empire, Valance was a cyborg who hated non-humans but changed his ways after seeing C-3PO throw himself between Valance’s gun and Luke Skywalker.  A changed Valance would later fight Vader to protect Luke.  Issue #1 will see Darth Vader on the hunt himself, without the knowledge that Valance is hunting him! Sounds like Bounty Hunter heaven, 3 variant covers available.

Other Marvel Releases:

    • Aero #1 – Catch the wave! All new ongoing series! The breakout stars of War of the Realms: Agents of Atlas debuts in an oversized team-up book! Get ready for the English language debut of the first appearance of Aero, the high-flying Shanghaiese superheroine created for Marvel by Zhou Liefen and Keng!
    • Uncanny X-Men #21 – It all ends here. This is forever! As Cyclops’ cleanup mission nears its close, all the problems the X-Men face come together. The truth behind the Hellfire Club’s intentions, the culmination of the O.N.E.’s assaults on mutantkind and even the inner struggles within the team… It all ends here. This is forever.
    • Captain America & The Invaders: The Bahamas Triangle #1 – March 1941. Assigned to safeguard President Roosevelt during a fishing trip in the Bahamas. The newly commissioned Cap endures his baptism under fire — while a German U-boat (carrying the Nazi super-soldier called Der Wunderkrieger (or Wonder Warrior) heads for the island chain’s capital! His mission: to kidnap England’s once-king, the Duke of Windsor, and sit him on the throne of a defeated Britain! But others happen to be in that part of the Atlantic as well — the once-bitter rivals the Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch!

DC Spotlight: 

DCeased #3

The idea of introducing zombies into a comic universe is not exactly original, Blackest Night and Marvel Zombies ring any bells?  The shining moment of DCeased has without a doubt been the plethora of variant covers.  The variants have created stunning imagery that shows both heroes and villains in their undead state.  The number of variants that paid homage to horror films from the likes of Nightmare on Elm Street, IT, Final Destination, and this week The Nun beckons to any horror movie buff.  Only 3 more issues for this mini-series, and featured above are all 8 variants for issue #3.

Other DC releases:

    • Lois Lane #1 – On the road and out of Metropolis—and carrying a secret that could disrupt Superman’s life—Lois Lane embarks on a harrowing journey to uncover a threat to her husband and a plot that reaches the highest levels of international power brokers and world leaders. Critically acclaimed and best-selling author Greg Rucka and master storyteller Mike Perkins team up for a tale of conspiracy, intrigue, and murder that pushes even Lois to her limits.
    • Deathstroke #45 – In the wake of Slade Wilson’s death, a new Deathstroke has vowed to complete his last, unfinished assignment. But the master assassin Shado has plans of her own, looking to step in for the late, great World’s Greatest Assassin and usurp his place in the villainous hierarchy. Meanwhile, Rose Wilson discovers the identity of the person responsible for her father’s death. Can her brother, Jericho, stop her from seeking vengeance? Also in this issue, Slade Wilson’s son Jericho accepts Lex Luthor’s offer of power—but he’s determined to use it as a force for good…so why is Lex smiling?
    • Justice League #27 – Eons ago, the Monitor, the Anti-Monitor and the World Forger stopped the rise of Perpetua—but can they overcome billions of years of mistrust to work together and do it again? Plus, Lex Luthor’s offers across the DC Universe haven’t gone unnoticed—Martian Manhunter is aware of “the Offer.” And J’onn J’onnz will pay the price.

Indie Spotlight: 

The Walking Dead #193

The Walking Dead comics and AMC television show have shared some continuity with story lines and at other times have been in completely different places.  If you happened to miss it, there was a significant event that started in issue #191 before concluding in issue #192.  NO SPOILERS HERE, but there is a commemorative issue dropping this week paying tribute to a certain character.  The story must continue for Robert Kirkman, preview images for #193 depict a farmhouse and a silhouette of someone walking towards it.  The only other clue is the use of the word “meanwhile,” which suggests this person and farmhouse are not likely tied to the current events at the Commonwealth.   There’s some buzz that suggests maybe the figure is the return of fan favorite Negan who may be trying to survive the apocalypse, but that’s just a theory.

Other Indie releases:

    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer #6 – Nothing will ever be the same after the attack on Xander. But with the Mistress Drusilla and Spike closer to opening the Hellmouth, Buffy is out of time to save her friend and everyone else in Sunnydale.
    • Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #1 – All hail the Supreme Shape! Gerard Way and the World’s Strangest Superheroes return in an all-new series that takes them beyond the borders of time and space! Featuring artwork by acclaimed cartoonist James Harvey, this issue finds the Doom Patrol facing off against the fanatical fitness fiends of planet Orbius and the Marathon Eternal! Meanwhile, Cliff Steele, formerly known as Robotman, must come to terms with his new body of flesh and bone…yet the real test turns out to be something far more frightening: his mom.
    • Red Sonja #6 – “TEMPLE OF GHOSTS”: The first arc of the most exciting series debut of 2019 comes to a stunning conclusion. The dreaded Dragan makes Her Majesty an offer that would end an invasion but sacrifice everything. Sonja The Red must weigh the awful costs before the decision is no longer hers to make. By MARK RUSSELL (The Flintstones, Second Coming) and MIRKO COLAK (Conan). And be sure to pick up RED SONJA: LORD OF FOOLS, also out this month, which ties directly into the shocking ending of this issue…

Final Thoughts:

A quiet week for releases, thanks to the comic gods for giving us some time to get caught up on books and to get out to theaters to see Spider-Man: Far From Home.  Several re-printings are also being released tied to Carnage, creating even more buzz around the upcoming Absolute Carnage.  Who would win in a fight between Blade and Wolverine?  Tune in next week to find out, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

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