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Since its reveal at E3 2019, people have been anxiously waiting to play Mojang’s Minecraft Dungeons. While that wait ends soon, I had the opportunity to jump into the beta earlier this year to experience it for myself. Let’s take a look at what we may expect from the full release.

First Impressions

As someone who had never played Minecraft in any form, I can certainly understand it’s the appeal to the wide variety of gamers that have logged millions of hours over the last decade. It’s the simplistic design and pixelated charm gave way to endless possibilities of creation. With Minecraft Dungeons, you forgo creativity for the quest of gear and loot.


Dungeons seem to be inspired by our favorite ARPG’s like Diablo and Path of Exile. Instead of a vast, open-world in first-or-third-person, Dungeons brings procedurally generated instances with a static, isometric camera view like it’s ARPG brethren.

Instead of classes, the player’s abilities are determined by their equipped gear. Gear has multiple upgrade paths so you can truly play how you want to play.


Access to the Beta was only on PC, so that’s where I had the opportunity to review it. The game ran pretty smoothly and did not remind me of what I had seen of Minecraft before. This looked like a game ready to make a substantial impact on the next generation. While this may not be the experience some may see on Xbox One, PS4, or Switch, I can still say I was pretty impressed with the visual fidelity of this game.


As someone who has played a bunch of Diablo and other ARPGs in the past, I was pretty surprised by what I saw from Minecraft Dungeons. Although what I had access to in the beta was limited, it left me wanting more. I look forward to playing more of Minecraft Dungeons when it releases on May 26, 2020.

Check out 90 minutes of live gameplay from my experience with the beta:

Minecraft Dungeons launches May 26, 2020, on PS4, Switch, and comes included with a Gamepass Ultimate Subscription on Xbox One and Windows PC!

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