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Calling on all Warzone players! We need you!

This is a trial run. We need at lest 28 people who sign up. Squads of 4 people and at least 7 teams. MHG is wanting to host more tournament style games for Warzone and hopefully Apex Legends in the future. This is our first attempt at a friendly tournament. The champion gets bragging rights.


7 teams w/ 4 squadmates

Only people in the MHG Discord can participate. 


MONDAY 6/21/2021 at 7:45PM CST Meet up in discord. Mule will assign you a voice chat number for your squad.

Teams 1 through 7. Games starts at 8PM CST (Best of 5 games)

Assign yourself the role of MHG WZ SQUAD to access the chats in #rules_roles in the MHG discord to access the chat room and voice channels.


  • Kill = 1pt
  • 1st = 20
  • 2nd = 15
  • 3rd =10
  • Top 10 = 5 
  • Top 25 = 3
  • Top 50 = 1

In the future we may do shout casting if we can get the team captains to stream the event, showcasing you’re channel and team. For now this is a trial run and we will see if we can get this going!

Co-founder of MHG, Podcast Host for Analog Assault Podcast and The Bendu Podcast

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