MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA – APEX Mission Brief 3 And Multiplayer Patch Balance


Bioware is giving its players a weekly mission for those who are investing time in the strikes and multiplayer side of the game. This week is all about those killer bots!

APEX Mission Brief 3 – These Beautiful Killer Bots

Join the fight for a new home as part of the APEX militia. Squad up with friends in multiplayer to take on story-based missions and experience new playable characters, weapons, and items—for a limited time.

This week’s mission: “These Beautiful Killer Bots.” Firebase Paradox holds even more Remnant secrets than we could’ve imagined. We need to get in and find out everything we can, preferably without getting killed by crazy robots.

This week we get to face the Remnant machines on Firebase Paradox in the Helius Cluster in APEX Mission 3. The newest story-based mission will allow us to unlock a new multiplayer character just like in the previous mission. This new STG trained Salarian is ready to meet the Remnant head-on with a modded bot named Flick.

Multiplayer Patch 1.05

Along with the latest patch (read up on it here) is the a few changes to the multiplayer. BioWare addressed these changes today in their blog post. A few of the changes for player abilities and weapons are listed below:


  • To reduce the effectiveness of repeated melees against tougher enemies, player melee attacks can now be interrupted by enemy attacks.

Challenge Tracking

  • Biotic, Tech, and Combat Detonation Challenges now update on the Challenges screen.
  • Lance and Throw will now successfully increment the Biotic Detonation Combo challenge progress.

Stealth Grid

  • Fixed an issue that caused Stealth Grid to deactivate immediately after being used.

Biotic Ascension

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Kineticist from gaining Biotic Ascension charges when not the host of the match.


Generally, we’ve found that semiautomatic assault rifles and pistols are underperforming when compared to their automatic counterparts. We’ve increased the damage per round for most of these guns and fixed bugs that limited the rate of fire for semiautomatic weapons.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Mattock from reaching its designed rate of fire
  • Lowered damage per round to partially offset increase in rate of fire
  • Lowered damage per round from 71–89 to 50–63
  • Increased spare ammo capacity from 112–140 to 160–200


  • Increased damage per round from 112–134 to 140–168


  • Increased damage per round from 60–72 to 64–77


  • Increased damage per round from 80–93 to 86–99


  • Increased damage per round from 73–90 to 92–113


The Predator also benefits from the rate of fire adjustment applied to the Mattock assault rifle.

  • Increased damage per round from 38–51 to 54–72
  • Decreased rate of fire from 500 to 450


  • Increased damage per round from 155–195 to 175–220


  • Increased damage per round from 37–49 to 44–55


  • Increased damage per round from 106–113 to 133–142


  • Increased damage per round from 428–512 to 485–580


  • Ammo increased from 40–50 to 60–75


  • Increased damage per round from 27–32 to 38–46


  • Increased damage per round from 84–101 to 105–126


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Vanquisher to have an extra 100% headshot bonus

Weapon Reloads

  • Fixed some timings of reload actions so they better match their animations

Assault Rifle Amp III

  • The Assault Rifle Amp III booster now properly states that it gives a 30% boost instead of a 35% boost. This was a text error only. The functionality was always 30%.

If you would like to read the full notes on multiplayer balancing, click here, as the notes go into more detail about some of the enemy changes as well.

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