Mass Effect Andromeda – APEX Mission Brief 06 – New Character: Turian Agent

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BioWare is giving its players a weekly mission for those who are investing time in the strikes and multiplayer APEX Mission side of the game. This week we have our latest information from Kandros that includes us chasing down the Archon’s Obsession.

Chasing the Archon’s Obsession

Mass Effect Andromeda - APEX Mission Brief 06

The fight for a new home continues in multiplayer APEX Missions. Join up with your friends as a member of the APEX militia, or send out your Strike Team, and take on these daring limited time missions on behalf of the Andromeda Initiative. Get a chance to earn valuable Mission Funds to spend on new equipment items.

This week’s mission: “Chasing the Archon’s Obsession.” Infiltrate the Archon’s lair and stop him from reactivating his prized Remnant tech.

Going back into Kett territory, we are tasked with infiltrating the Archon’s lair and stopping him from reactivating Remnant tech. APEX is also giving us a new character, the Turian Agent. The Turian Agent looks to have the abilities Recon Visor, Cloak, and Flamethrower. Good luck pathfinders.

This weeks mission will end on May 15th, at 9am PST.

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