Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer – APEX Mission 5

Mass Effect

Bioware is giving its players a weekly mission for those who are investing time in the strikes and multiplayer side of the game. This week we have our latest information from Kandros that includes some information about the Archon.

APEX Mission Brief 5: Archon’s Remnant Fortress

APEX militia forces are grouping up to take on the newest APEX mission with new playable characters, weapons, and items.  This week includes some discovered Archon tech!

This week’s mission: “Archon’s Remnant Fortress.” The Archon has a hidden network of caves brimming with Remnant technology. We’re going to find out why.

And we get this message directly from Kandros:

APEX. Scout team just checked in. We need you on the ground ASAP.

The Sandstorm raid was a hell of a success. One of the outlaws we took down gave up a cave chock-full of Remnant. Intel says they were salvaging bots and scrap in the cave when the kett descended. A lot of them. By the time our team arrived, it was already a mess: kett fighting Remnant on top of heaps of dead outlaws.

Our scouts managed to draw the kett clear of the cave. While they hold them off, we need you inside to see what’s so damned important. Kett studying Remnant isn’t news, but all the data we’ve collected says the Archon’s onto something big. We think whatever’s in this cave is key. You’ll just have to cut down a lot of bots to get to it. 

In close quarters especially, it’s easy to get pinned down. Stay together and watch each other’s backs in there. Flanking a wave will keep any laser eyes from ganging up. When it comes time to extract, don’t head for the point right away. It’ll just give the Remnant a chance to box you in until you’re good as dead.

Good luck down there.


Make sure you are tuning in on Thursday’s as the Bioware team gives us our APEX missions live on Twitch. Below is the live broadcast from earlier today.

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