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Iron Fist

Logo from the Netflix Original Series Marvel’s Iron Fist coming to Netflix on March 17th 2017

Marvel’s Netlfix original series have been doing great, and their next series Iron Fist just debuted a new trailer today. You can view the trailer below.


In the trailer we get to see some awesome action scenes. We get to see that they are in fact giving Iron Fist his signature glowing fists. There are also some returning faces from the Marvel TV Universe. Danny has a conversation with a familiar nurse, Claire who we’ve all seen in the previous series as well as a quick glimpse of someone who appears to be Madame Gao from Season 2 of Daredevil. We also get a subtle reminder that the next show planned for 2017, The Defenders, is on it’s way.

There are some questions to be asked from what viewers got in this trailer. Who are the Monks we see Danny training with? Who is talking to the corrupt company owner when he goes crazy? If that is Madame Gao, what is her part in all of this? Can’t wait to be able to binge watch this series as Danny has become a favorite Marvel hero as of late along side Luke Cage.

Stay tuned to Mulehorn Gaming as we get closer to the release and keep an eye out for our “Things You Need to Know About Iron Fist” article coming out leading up to March 17th.

“I am the Iron Fist. I hold back the storm when nothing else can.” ~ Daniel Rand (Earth – 616)

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