Marvel’s Avengers’ Latest Hero is Coming Soon!

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Earlier this week, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix showed off the latest add-on hero for Marvel’s Avengers, Hawkeye. Now, Clint Barton’s existence in the game isn’t new. He was actually supposed to be the game’s first post-launch hero, but instead, he was introduced as part of the Kate Bishop operation late in 2020. During their latest deep dive video, the devs revealed that the next Operation, Hawkeye: Future Imperfect would launch on March 18, 2021. Along with this comes the free next-gen updates for Xbox Series X|S as well as PlayStation 5. Knowing we’ll have some shiny new visuals on newer consoles, let’s take a look at what else to expect next month!

So, What’s the Story?

The next chapter of Season One sets us up for Operation Hawkeye: Future Imperfect which draws inspiration from the Incredible Hulk comic of the same name as well as the Old Man Hawkeye series. In this episode, we see what would happen in a darker timeline where the Kree pillage Earth and leave behind a desolate wasteland which will now be a new playable space in-game. The main villain for this operation is Maestro, who happens to be the Incredible Hulk from a different timeline who has changed his name after undergoing some even more life-altering changes.

Enter: Hawkeye

As mentioned earlier, our newly added hero is none other than Hawkeye. The purple-clad archer is seen in the video with many different appearances that showcase his transformation over the years of Marvel history. Much like Kate Bishop, Hawkeye uses a bow and sword in combat, but Hawkeye has new bow skills and abilities to add some flavor to his in-game playstyle.

Personal Thoughts

First off, I love the fact that we’re getting free next-gen upgrades for new consoles. It’s nice to see more developers adopting this strategy when it can easily be an upgrade fee on top of the game’s base price.

That aside, I really liked seeing a different backdrop from what we’ve seen in-game already. The wasteland desert is a stark difference from a lot of the cityscapes we’ve seen so far.

Lastly, it was nice to see some of the cosmetics for Hawkeye. Since the game’s release, Crystal Dynamics has done a fantastic job in celebrating each hero’s heritage as well as bringing in a flair for the game’s unique style. Personally, I hope we see a traditional purple getup akin to what was in the Super Nintendo Avengers game in the 90s, but if what I think I saw is a Stark-tech upgrade for this aesthetic, I will never take it off!

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