Marvel’s Avengers First Impressions and Early Access War Table Recap

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September is here and with that comes the season of gaming releases. One game that I’ve had my eye on since E3 2019 has been Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers: a cooperative action-looter set in the Marvel Universe that stars some of our favorite Superheroes. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity by MHG and Square Enix to check it out during its early access period. If you’re on the fence about picking this up, hopefully, we can shed a little light into what Avengers is all about.

The Campaign

Kamala Khan in Marvel's Avengers

I think a lot of people saw some things from the beta and felt as if the game’s campaign would be a bit shallow. Personally, I feel it is anything but that. The early goings show you some of the basics or traversal, combat, and mechanics while escorting you to begin the real meat of the story. As you progress, the story gives you a sense of urgency that drives you to continue while delivering on the iconic Marvel charm. I don’t want to go further into detail before some of you have the opportunity to experience it for yourselves, but at 66% completion I am quite content so far and can’t wait for more.


I played a lot of Marvel’s Avengers in its beta state last month on both PC and Xbox. What I’m playing now on PC feels like a dramatically different game, both good and bad. On one hand, from a graphical standpoint, it looks fantastic. Something you would expect from a AAA game in 2020 and even better than all of my previous play sessions in the beta.

Iron Man on a mission in Marvel's Avengers

On the other hand, I’ve already run into a few things I wasn’t happy about. There are a few times where movement on PC felt very clunky. It feels as if the game was explicitly designed with a controller in mind. As someone who prefers mouse and keyboard, it was a little annoying at times not feeling completely in control.

Black Widow vs. Task Master in Marvel's Avengers

Another thing I encountered was a progress halting glitch. I got to a quest step that was supposed to be completed by one character that I wasn’t able to switch to at the time. After thumbing through some posts online, I was able to fix the issue by closing the game and relaunching it. While frustrating, it hasn’t negatively impacted my overall experience thus far.

Words from the War Table

On Tuesday, September 1, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics hosted a War Table stream to celebrate the game’s early access launch. The stream led on a somber note as they dedicated a moment of silence to Chadwick Boseman, the actor of Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic universe. It’s currently being speculated that Black Panther was going to be a surprise add-on character coming now or shortly after launch, but due to this passing, they have decided it would be better to wait, which I would have to agree.

In this War Table, they gave us A LOT of new info: daily and weekly content loops, endgame activities, operation events, and our TRUE first DLC Avenger: Kate Bishop. Kate Bishop comes in conjunction with one of the game’s first operations. Operations are timed events that will often bring in new stories and potentially new characters in the future.

Final Thoughts

I know there are a lot of people out there that felt Marvel’s Avengers wasn’t worth their time after playing the beta. Despite some of the minor issues I’ve had early on, I’m still thoroughly enjoying what I’ve been playing. Plus, I haven’t even begun getting into the true endgame: min-maxing! Just playing the campaign has influenced me to want to put more time into it, but then again the game still has that “new car smell” to it. Will I still feel this way after 20, 40, or 100 hours? Check back for my full review coming very soon!

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