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Disney + Day

November 12th 2021, every person that is any person that is any Marvel fan was glued to the internet as Disney + announced the lineup for the next year. Some long awaited titles have finally made their appearances.


Clint Barton is just trying to get home to his family in post-blip New York City. Now if you watched Blackwidow you know that some trouble is brewing, and that trouble will probably be aimed at Hawkeye. Thankfully from what we do know is that Hawkeye will have some help, even though he may not want it. The series starts on November 24, 2021.

Moon Knight

This one I’m not as familiar with, but will be heading into with an open mind. Moon Knight drops us into Egypt and has Oscar Isaac – yes, THAT Oscar Isaac – as the leading man. This will feature vigilante fights with himself as he sorts through his dissociative identity disorder. No exact date is set yet, but we know it’s coming on 2022.

She Hulk

This is something that I have been waiting for Disney to tackle! She Hulk barges onto the streaming service in 2022. Tatiana Maslany plays as Jennifer Walters who brings justice in the court room by day, but then takes out the bad guys when she gets a little frustrated. According to IMDB we are going to get 10 episodes of She Hulk, and I can’t wait to see the look on my daughters face as Tatiana Maslany takes out the bad guys!

Ms. Marvel

Now if you have played the Avengers video game, you probably already know who this is. For those that don’t, let me introduce Kamala Khan. Kamala LOVES the Avengers, and Captain Marvel, but being 16 has her conflicted on finding her place in the world amidst being an artist, a gamer, and a writer of fan-fiction. This film will make it’s way to Disney + next summer.

Marvel isn’t done yet!

Marvel wanted to make sure they had their hooks in us with some more titles that are mostly just teasers. Echo, we will find out more information about this by watching Hawkeye. Ironheart; maybe Ironman is really gone? Agatha: House of Harkness; do I really need to explain this spin off? Just watch Wandavision, trust me, it gets better after the third episode. Secret Invasion; all you need to know right now is that Samuel L. Jackson will be in this as Nick Fury. Some shape-shifters will be around as well. X-Men ’97; did you grow up in the 90’s like me, well guess what! The series is coming back, but with a few twists in the timeline! Instead of rushing home from school, I’ll be rushing home from work! Spider-Man: Freshman Year; this is an animated series that follow Peter Parker as he part of the MCU with ties back to the comic book roots.

All in all Disney has firmly planted their roots in the streaming world with this line of Marvel titles coming over the next year! There are several ways to get Disney +, and several packages to choose from.

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