More Mario, More Rabbids! Sparks of Hope Announcement!


Who would have thought that the Mario + Rabbids game would end up being amazing! But, not only was it a fantastic game, it is getting a sequel in 2022. Mario, the Rabbids, and others are returning to help protect the galaxy. In the video above, you can see some actual game play footage! Check it out!

For those of you who haven’t played it, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was a new type of game for Mr. Video Game. Instead of doing his usual platforming or even his party games, Mario grabbed up some wacky guns with the Rabbids to protect the Mushroom Kingdom. This tactical strategy game had some cool characters, funny moments, and was just a ton of fun! A sequel is just what we needed to see! Check out the World Premiere Trailer below!

So, as you can see here, we have a whole galaxy to protect! Rosalina Rabbid, who just doesn’t have time for this non-sense, sets the tone of humor for this game. Her and other Rabbid hybrids will return in this game, and we also see Princess Peach and Luigi stand to fight with the crew. The newest additions, the Luma/Rabbid hybrids, seem to give the hero’s some new powers and abilities. Since the game isn’t launching until 2022, Ubisoft chose to keep this information quiet for now. I am in love with this goofy crossover series, so be on the lookout to catch me playing through the original again. You can also stay right here at MHG to get the latest news on gaming, specifically the Summer Game Fest, Ubisoft Forward, E3, and more coming quickly!

Weston, aka Hero Beyond, has been a gamer since he played the NES at two years old! Now, he is a father with an amazing son, but still an avid gamer. Whether shooting it up in a competitive FPS or having some ridiculous fun with Nintendo, Hero Beyond is always trying to have some fun.

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