Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Overview – What’s the Difference?


Most people didn’t have a chance to try out Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U. Lucky for fans of the franchise, Nintendo has decided to re-release the game on the Switch and included a lot more content. What’s the difference between the Wii U version and the Switch? Well, Nintendo recently posted an overview video explaining the differences. Let’s dive in and see it.

All the DLC is Included

Nintendo quickly let us know that every bit of DLC that came out in the original version will be included in the Switch version. This means that the Legend of Zelda Pack and the Animal Crossing Pack are already included in the price. So, we will see 6 extra characters, 16 new tracks in 4 new Cups, and 8 new vehicles that were not in the original version. Including the previous DLC will give players even more content to play on release.

Mario Kart 8

So Many Characters and Tracks

The new hit Splatoon has been able to insert two new characters into the kart racer, Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy. Familiar faces to Mario Kart have also returned in King Boo and Dry Bones! A lot of fans like the return of these two characters. Finally, we had the chance to see Bowser Jr. racing through the courses in the infamous Koopa Clown Car. The 40-character roster is the most of any Mario Kart game, which is quite impressive. Also, the game launches with 48 courses, giving you a giant variety of places to play.

Double the Items, Double the Fun?

One of my favorite parts of Mario Kart: Double Dash was the ability to carry two items at once. Nintendo is bringing that feature back in the Deluxe Edition. Now, you will be able to prepare for being in 1st place with defensive items or having twice the chance of catching up if you are in the back of the pack.

Mario Kart 8

We also got to see two new items that have been added. Boo has returned, allowing the user to turn invisible, nullify attacks, and steal an item from a random player in the race! It has always been a powerful item, and seeing it return will bring a smile (or frown) to a lot of faces. Also, we got to see the Feather from the original Super Mario Kart return exclusively in Battle Mode. The Feather allows you to jump over walls and opponents, and even steal their balloons to add to your collection. It’ll be interesting to see just how effective this item will actually be.

Gotta Go Fast!

200cc returns as the fastest engine class in Mario Kart 8: Deluxe. Originally, this mode was dominated by expert racers. However, they have made one slight change in the 200cc Mode which is the ability to break while drifting. Being able to slow down will add more control and precision for the users during the high speed race. Also, you will be able to do Time Trial in the 200cc Mode, helping you become a master of the track!

Mario Kart 8

Speaking of helping with control, Nintendo has also announced that they have added a new feature to help newcomers. Steering-assist is an option feature that will help new players stay on the course during a race. Learning turns has always been the key to becoming an expert racer in Mario Kart. Hopefully, the assistance will ease these new players into the fast-paced racing action.

Battle Mode Returns

Fans were left scratching their heads when the classic Battle Mode was absent in Mario Kart 8. Nintendo must have heard the outcry and decided to bring it back into this game. The classic Balloon Mode will return, where getting hit/spinning out causes you to lose a balloon from your kart. Whoever pops the most balloons will be victorious in this mode!

Mario Kart 8

A cops-and-robbers style game has also been added into Battle Mode. The Renegades will try to outrun the Law in Renegade Roundup. The chasers appear to have Piranha Plants with lights on their heads to try and capture the runners. Renegades can use different items to try and keep the chasers down while they survive the rounds. Get ready for some fun mayhem!

Bob-omb Blast, Coin Runners, and Shine Thief are three more gametypes within Battle Mode that are pretty self explanatory. Firstly, the Bob-omb Blast gametype is just about dropping bombs and blowing your opponents up. It is definitely an MHG approved game. Coin Runners is all about snatching up the most coins at the end of a match. Take down opponents to take their coins and add them to your stack to win! Finally, Shine Thief is a “hold the object” style game. If you can keep the Shine within your possession for twenty seconds, you win! Just get ready to defend yourself from everyone else.

You will be doing battle on eight different arenas. Five of the arenas are brand new to the franchise, while three have been added from previous Mario Kart games. Each course boasts a personal touch that makes it stand out from the rest. You’ll have plenty of venues to choose from when it comes to deciding where to do battle. Load up and have fun!

Race and Battle Online

As with the original, in Mario Kart 8: Deluxe you will have the opportunity to put your skills to the test online. Racing against others will bring out your competitive nature, so be prepared to do your best. You will be able to gain points, starting at 1000 and trying to reach 9999. The higher the amount of points that you gain, the better that you’ve done. Try and increase your score to prove your worth to the online community.

It was also confirmed that Battle Mode will be online. Just like the racing side, you will be given a rank to try and increase. If Battle Mode is more your style, then don’t worry about not having enough people to play with. You will have plenty of opportunities to try and become the best in the online community!

Amiibos and Dress Up

Since the launch of the Switch, Nintendo hasn’t spoken a whole lot about the Miis. Well, your Mii can become a playable character in this game! Not only that, but with your previously purchased Amiibos, you will be able to gain certain racing gear with which to dress your Mii up. Try out your different figures to see what kind of gear you can get.

Mario Kart 8

So, That’s a Lot of Content

I played Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U when it first released, including the DLC. It was a great game for Mario Kart fans, and the online features just added more fun. The look, control, and atmosphere in the game were great, and I hope to see it transfer over to the Switch well. If you didn’t have a chance to try it out on the Wii U, then keep your eyes out for the Deluxe Edition. I enjoyed it and plan on trying it out on the Switch soon.

Did you have a chance to play Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U? What did you think about having a Deluxe Edition ported over for the Switch? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Are you a Nintendo fan and want to know what I thought about the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Then check my impressions article here. Have an Xbox and want to see about some of their indie games, then click here to see our ID@Xbox article. Hope to see you on the track, soon!

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Weston, aka Houndstooth, has been a gamer since he played the NES at two years old. He is now married to his best friend who is not only a great wife but an avid gamer as well. He loves all games and will keep playing until it isn't fun anymore.


  1. So jelly you got the Switch. I want to play Mario Cart lol.

    • Online Mario Kart is always tons of fun. Maybe if we make it to E3.


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