Madden 21 Week 15 Simulation – Can the Steelers bounce back against the Bengals?

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After last week’s toss-up, it looks like we have a more straightforward game with the Steelers visiting the Bengals. Let’s see if Madden 21 and the Steelers can start a new win streak.

The Game

When AFC North teams play each other you never really know what will happen but this week I think the Steelers are pretty much a lock for this week. The Steelers won their previous matchup with the Bengals 36-10 and there probably won’t be much different this week. The Bengals did upset the Titans earlier this season so you never know.

And Madden 21 thinks the winner is…The Steelers!


This one wasn’t particularly close with the Steelers winning 90% of the games. They averaged close to 34 points per game compared to 13 for the Bengals. After losing a few weeks ago for the first time the Steelers need this game to get back into form. I am easily agreeing with Madden 21 this week and don’t think the Bengals have much of a chance. What do you think?

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