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This week I again chose the Monday Night game which is between the Packers and the Lions. The 4-1 Packers look to stay at the top of the division while facing the 2-1-1 Lions. The Lions have been a bit of a surprise this year since they beat the Eagles and almost pulled off the win against the Chiefs last week. Division games are always a challenge so let’s see what Madden says about this game.

Last Week

After the correct Week 4 prediction, Madden faltered again last week. The 49ers dominated the Browns in a game where Baker Mayfield was benched at the end. The 49er defense did whatever it wanted against the Browns and the offense held up its part of the bargain by scoring enough points for the win. As I mentioned last week, the team that ran the ball and didn’t turn it over won most of the matchups, which is exactly what happened last week. Madden just had the wrong team winning most of the games.

On the writer front, Mulehorn117 and Darklife both missed the mark with their Browns pick. This brought Mulehorn117 his first incorrect pick of the season. Und3rdog10 and I both correctly picked the 49ers and Und3rdog10 had the correct prediction that Baker would struggle.

How the Lions Won

As with many of these simulations, the run game has been very important to the winning team and this week is no exception. In their wins, the Lions averaged over 125 yards per game on the ground versus around 97 per game in their losses. The Lions offense needs to really click in order to get the win. They averaged over 33 points in their wins and just under 25 points in their losses. They also need to make sure to score early and often since the lost most of the close games. The Lions also need to force the Packers to turn the ball over and make Rodgers and the offense turn the ball over.

How the Packers Won

The Packers need to do what they have been doing this season. Score points and limit the Lions offense. The running game doesn’t seem to be as important to the Packers as it is for the Lions. In their wins, they only averaged just over 100 yards per game. The Packers’ defense will be more important than the offense. As mentioned above, the Packers won more of the close games which can be attributed to the defense. Over the course of the simulations, the Lions actually outgained the Packers.

And the winner is…the Packers!

The Packers won 65% of the games I simulated but in all of the offensive categories, they trailed the Lions. The Lions scored 28.15 points per game compared to 26.65 points per game for the Packers. The Lions also averaged slightly more yards per game (390.3 for the Lions compared to 386.0 for the Packers) than the Packers and fewer turnovers (0.55 for the Lions compared to 0.90 for the Packers). The only category where the Packers did better than was passing yards averaging 289.65 yards per game compared to 283.35 for the Lions. What this tells me is that the game could very well be close and if it is close, the Packers have a better chance of winning.

Writer Picks

Mulehorn117 predicts that the Packers will struggle and the Lions will pull out a late win with Matthew Stafford throwing 4 TDs. Darklife and Und3rdgo10 are going with the Packers and Snakedoctor98 went with the Bengals…Und3rdog10 predicts that the Packers will roll over the Lions 31-10 with the Packers defense scoring at least one TD.

I bet against the Packers once this season and will not do that again. I think Aaron Rodgers will keep the game close and the Packers defense will do the rest. The Lions have some good wins this season but also tied the Cardinals…so this game could be very close and I look forward to seeing how it goes.

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