Madden 20 Simulation – Week 13 – Bills at Cowboys

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After taking a Bye Week, I am back with my weekly Madden simulations. This week, I have chosen what I hope turns into a great Thanksgiving Day game, the Bills (8-3) at the Cowboys (6-5). These two teams have had odd seasons and I don’t think we really know who these teams are yet.

Week 11’s Results

Week 11 saw the Ravens soundly defeat the Texans as most of the writers predicted. Darklife was the only one to go for the Texans. The game was a bit more lopsided than Madden predicted, but the outcome was correct. Und3rdog10 and Madden still lead the way but Mulehorn117 and I are right on their heels.

How the Bills Won

The Bills need to score a lot of points to beat the Cowboys. Madden is really placing a high value on the offenses in this game with the Bills needing at least 30 points to win. In their losses ley average under 20 points a game so they need to get out to a lead nice an early.

How the Cowboys Won

The Cowboys won through the ground and just scoring points. In their wins, they averaged just under 190 yards per game on the ground and 99 in their losses. They were also able to keep Frank Gore and the Bills rushing attack to under 90 yards per game. The Cowboys also scored close to 37 points per game versus under 27 in their losses. Turnovers played a role in determining if the Cowboys would come away victorious as well. If Dak and company can limit them they can defeat the Bills.

And the winner is…the Cowboys!

The Cowboys won 75% of the simulations on the back of Zeke and their offense. Madden has generally overestimated offenses in these simulations so I wonder if that is going on here as well. Most games were high scoring and generally blowouts with a point differential of over 17 points per game. The Cowboys dominated the game in every way from points scored, to turnovers, to total yards.

Writer Picks

Mulehorn117 and Und3rdog10 are going with the Cowboys (they are from Texas..) who play their traditional Thanksgiving day game. Mulehorn117 thinks the ‘boys will bounce back after a narrow defeat at the hands of the Patriots in Week 12. Und3rdog10 thinks the wheels are starting to come off in Dallas based on owner/GM Jerry Jones’ comments after the latest loss. He does think they will prevail 27-24. Darklife is a fan of Bill’s QB Josh Allen and thinks the Bills will pull this one off (and he is from NY so our writers are going with their home state teams).

Most of the Cowboys recent Thanksgiving wins have come against the Washington Redksins, but they are not playing the Redskins this year, so I am going to go with the surprisingly good Bills this year. I am also a big fan of Bills RB Fank Gore so I hope he runs wild on Cowboys defense.

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