Anthem issue number one is out today by Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse takes us back in time to a prequel time before the video game Anthem.

You may have been wondering: What in the world was the inspiration behind that strange microphone-shaped rocket launcher in Destiny 2? Well, it’s safe to say the Wardcliff Coil’s design comes from Wardenclyffe Tower A.K.A. Tesla Tower. Built by Nikola Tesla, it was an attempt to prove his experiment, a wireless power transmission system.

The dust has settled after the Destiny 2 beta, yet we are still discovering new mysterious hints and lore that may unlock future story events ahead. With Grimoire pulled from the game it looks as if we may be scouting the wilds for clues and it may be up to us to find the story. Join me as we investigate how the infamous Captain Nemo may have left his mark in Destiny 2.

Did you know Destiny is also known as the Fates in Greek mythology?

Thanatonauts: is a blend of greek words “thanatos (thanato-)” and “nautes (-naut)”meaning¬†“death voyager.” Think of this example: An astronaut exploring death instead of space.

So I started down a road when researching for one of my latest Lore cards. I’ve been working on these for quite some time and have 90 percent of the armory in Destiny defined. I spend countless hours researching each item and finding their relevance within the world of Destiny.

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