Let’s Go Nuts, on the Switch!


You wanna go nuts?

I was lucky enough to get my paws on the Switch port of BeardedBrothers Games’ “Let’s go Nuts”.  I was not prepared for how addicting this game is! It is a classic “Floor is lava” style game, but in this case, the floor is acid, populated with strangely adorable skull and crossbones signs.  You play a chubby-cheeked, squeal-worthy, adorable squirrel.  Your job is to collect all the acorns you can, paying special attention to the golden shiny ones while you traverse the dangerous landscape.  You can knock over the boxes and crates in your way to help bridge gaps or eliminate any enemy that looks at you cross-eyed.

Let’s go nuts!

That doesn’t mean this game is easy.  In the single-player mode, reaction time and careful planning will reward success.  You will quickly find yourself cornered between different enemies with limited choices on how to proceed further. The pressure is on while the timer is advancing and your only way through is to quickly jump from dissolving block to dissolving block.  Second-guessing means sending your squirrel to its doom!   And that’s just the single-player mode!  With multiplayer, you add a few more squirrels to the mix and you’ve got a laugh riot. With everyone bouncing off one another, teamwork is important, you will fail the level if too many squirrels die along the way. If you are playing Versus mode your goal is to outlast everyone else to earn stars.  Shoving each other into death is not against the rules.  The first to 20 stars wins, but this limit can be increased or decreased to suit your needs.

Like really nuts

I haven’t even talked about probably the most fun mode of this game.  Endless. While I was tooling around with this in multiplayer we had an “Oooh, what’s this moment?”..  Once we realize that wave of bright green death was not stopping there was yelling, laughing, squealing and probably some tears.  I was frantically jumping, every squirrel for themselves trying to last just one second longer than my children.  I love how intense this game can be at times!

What I love

I am an old lady.  I grew up with an Atari.  “Let’s go nuts” makes me feel like a kid again.  It is reminiscent of the side scrollers of yore where rings and things were your currency.  It feels so good to play as an adult but it also attracts the younger ones too.  I will have to buy this game, my youngest son is obsessed! Luckily the price point is really attractive at $9.99.  This game has Italian plumber quality multiplayer madness with a much cuter leading rodent.  There can be up to 4 players, which is the perfect size for this game. I found this game fun, engaging and intense. You can also use those hard-earned acorns to purchase clothes to help your squirrel stand out in the crowd, which makes multiplayer a little less hectic.

What I don’t

There is not much bad to say about this game other than the controls can be a little sluggish at times, but it is not game-breaking.  It can be a little frustrating when you have an 8 year old whopping your butt in Endless and your squirrel just won’t jump. Also, player 1 is the only one who can change the clothes on the squirrels, so you are at the whim of someone else to customize your squirrel in Multiplayer. The only other thing is purely cosmetic.  I wish there different coloured squirrels beside brown.  I want to be a pink fluffy squirrel.  I feel it would add just a little more personality.  Perhaps this is something they can add later, I’d pay a couple of bucks for a DLC adding skins and an extra level or two.

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