Skyrim: Special Edition – Mods for Xbox One & PS4

Skyrim: Special Edition will be here in two days With it, console players will get a special treat that until now only PC players enjoyed – Mods! Xbox One and PS4 owners will be able to import Thomas the Tank engine followers and play headband wearing Argonians. I got my modding fix playing Skyrim on PC years ago. Five years later consoles are finally catching up. I checked out the latest l...[Read More]

The Gamer: Statistics and The Video Game Industry

Just a few years ago all gamers where considered fat kids who lived in their mom's basement. Gaming has grown in a BIG business spanning a large group of ages! In fact it has grown into a multi billion dollar business, and the person that use to be looked at as a nerd gaming in the basement is now equal to rock start level of stardom with the rise of Esports.

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