Firewatch is coming to Xbox One

Firewatch is back in the news this week with a release to Xbox One. Originally released on February 9th of this year to PS4 and PC, Firewatch is coming to Xbox One on September 21st and will include an audio tour and free roam mode, neither of which were available on the February release. A little History In April of this year I picked up Firewatch on the advice of fellow Mulehorn contributor Two...[Read More]

Destiny Lore: Auto Rifle Extremophile 011

  Extremophile: “extreme love” an organism that survives best in extreme conditions, where normal life would die.  From Another World In Astrobiology: Panspermia is the distribution of nature, and spread of life throughout our universe. Comets could very well be the intergalactic spaceships that delivered our very own life on this planet. These “space buses” are capab...[Read More]

Smite Force of Nature update 3.14

The Force of Nature update has been announced and hit PTS today, the update will most likely go live on PC next week and with a bit of luck on Consoles the week after that. Force of Nature will add a new Goddes, namely, Terra, The Earth Mother. Terra is a god in the Roman Mythologie, also known more commonly as Mother Earth. The update is known as patch 3.14 and will feature some cool new skins a...[Read More]

Smite Valkyrie Reloaded Update 3.13

Smite Valkyrie Reloaded is right around the corner and with it a visual upgrade to the Norse God Freya and a slew of new Skins, most in addition to the Summer of Smite 2016 events. The update labeled update 3.13, will also introduce some item and god tweaks and also new Achievements.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – How to Use and Upgrade Mods

Capital Games recently released an update for Galaxy of Heroes that carried some serious cargo: Mods. Mods allow a hero to be modified past their original capabilities, bolstering weaknesses or reinforcing strengths. Also, There are many different types of mods and it can all become a little confusing, so let’s go over how to obtain, equip, and upgrade mods! Note: Since their original relea...[Read More]

A Rare look at Sea of Thieves

In life opportunities present themselves and we have a choice: take a chance and see the possibilities, or do nothing and dream about them. In Sea of Thieves being able to earn this treasure is hard. One gamer was able to fight through the swash buckling and find something that was truly Rare.

Summer of Smite 2016

Life’s a beach. The Summer of Smite 2016 update is here (on PC) and with it come a lot of new skins and free collectibles. Hi-Rez has launched the Summer of Smite 2016 a Skin collecting event. Specially made skins exclusive for the event are purchasable over the coming 2 months (ends August 30th). With every two purchases you receive free exclusive items. Find out what’s in store for ...[Read More]

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Update 7/12/2016 – Mods

The latest Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes update brings another level of customization to your favorite heroes in the form of mods. Mods enable the stats of high-level heroes to be tweaked further, allowing a sharper competitive edge when it comes to building out one’s team. This update also increases the number of activities available in Galaxy of Heroes as well as adding some new characters ...[Read More]

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