Smite Valkyrie Reloaded Update 3.13

Smite Valkyrie Reloaded is right around the corner and with it a visual upgrade to the Norse God Freya and a slew of new Skins, most in addition to the Summer of Smite 2016 events. The update labeled update 3.13, will also introduce some item and god tweaks and also new Achievements.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – How to Use and Upgrade Mods

Capital Games recently released an update for Galaxy of Heroes that carried some serious cargo: Mods. Mods allow a hero to be modified past their original capabilities, bolstering weaknesses or reinforcing strengths. Also, There are many different types of mods and it can all become a little confusing, so let’s go over how to obtain, equip, and upgrade mods! Note: Since their original relea...[Read More]

A Rare look at Sea of Thieves

In life opportunities present themselves and we have a choice: take a chance and see the possibilities, or do nothing and dream about them. In Sea of Thieves being able to earn this treasure is hard. One gamer was able to fight through the swash buckling and find something that was truly Rare.

Summer of Smite 2016

Life’s a beach. The Summer of Smite 2016 update is here (on PC) and with it come a lot of new skins and free collectibles. Hi-Rez has launched the Summer of Smite 2016 a Skin collecting event. Specially made skins exclusive for the event are purchasable over the coming 2 months (ends August 30th). With every two purchases you receive free exclusive items. Find out what’s in store for ...[Read More]

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Update 7/12/2016 – Mods

The latest Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes update brings another level of customization to your favorite heroes in the form of mods. Mods enable the stats of high-level heroes to be tweaked further, allowing a sharper competitive edge when it comes to building out one’s team. This update also increases the number of activities available in Galaxy of Heroes as well as adding some new characters ...[Read More]

Pokémon Go – 10 Tips to Get You Started

After a few hours of peer pressure, I finally caved and gave in to my inner nerdness and nostalgia for Pokémon. I went ahead and downloaded the Pokémon Go app and tried to catch them all. I noticed some of the stuff can be confusing and it might be hard as a starting player. I’ve done my research and put it to the test and now present to you our Top 10 tips to get y...[Read More]

Mass Effect Andromeda – What You May Have Missed

Let the hype continue. We saw at E3 the highly anticipated release date for Mass Effect Andromeda. It has be teased by a potential leak of the release date back in June. We saw on Amazon that the date is March 31, 2017; however, this may just be a placeholders date as well.


Hi guys RYNO here. I am an active member of the and we have the most beautiful works of art created daily on our site. Most of us have never even had training in many of the crafts or skills that are used on our site daily. Many of us are learning to do the very basics of Prop building and working with media unfamiliar to even some of the Elite Cosplayers.  Most of us are noobs and woul...[Read More]

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