US Video Game Industry Is Growing Rapidly

Growth in the video game industry is growing at a scorching pace. For those who can remember the time before consoles, when gaming took place solely on PCs, it feels as though we are living in the golden age of video games. With revenue reaching $36 billion dollars in the US alone in 2017, this could indeed be true.

Predicting Super Bowl LII Using Madden 2018

Super Bowl LII is just a few days away and I decided to try and use EA’s Madden 18 to predict the outcome. Using the most current rosters for the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots, I simulated the game 70 times to declare a winner. Let’s see what the Madden Super Bowl prediction ends up being.

Making Time for Tabletop Games – Mastering the Short Session

Tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) have an aspect that sets them apart from other types of games – we have total control of their destiny. Unfortunately, many are deterred from tabletop adventures due to the sheer amount of time required to enjoy them. I’ve had some experience in playing short-form sessions of D&D, and my tips could help you and your tabletop group make the most...[Read More]

Assassin’s Creed: Origins – The Hidden Ones DLC

In the Hidden Ones, the first expansion for Assassin’s Creed: Origins, we revisit Bayek and his brotherhood of assassins. The adventure takes place in the Sinai peninsula and has the player exploring three new areas and eliminating several new targets.

Top Down Sci Fi Action – Solar Purge

Have you ever dreamed of playing a game like Diablo but set in a sci-fi theme? Welcome to the world of Nova Genesis and the game Solar Purge.

Sea of Thieves Beta Impressions

The Sea of Thieves beta began on January 25, 2018, and a few of us at Mulehorn Gaming were able to check it out. Here are some impressions of the game after a few days of the playing the beta.

Skyrim Special Edition – How to Install Mods on Console

Skyrim launched over the weekend and it looks like everybody is playing it, including people returning to Skyrim and folks that are experiencing it for the first time. The new buzz word? Mods. Like with Fallout 4, mods have come to consoles in Skyrim. For the first time ever, us console players get to experience all the cool stuff modders create. Wondering how to install these mods?

Skyrim: Special Edition – Mods for Xbox One & PS4

Skyrim: Special Edition will be here in two days With it, console players will get a special treat that until now only PC players enjoyed – Mods! Xbox One and PS4 owners will be able to import Thomas the Tank engine followers and play headband wearing Argonians. I got my modding fix playing Skyrim on PC years ago. Five years later consoles are finally catching up. I checked out the latest l...[Read More]

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