MHG Warzone Custom Games!

Calling on all Warzone players! We need you! This is a trial run. We need at lest 28 people who sign up. Squads of 4 people and at least 7 teams. MHG is wanting to host more tournament style games for Warzone and hopefully Apex Legends in the future. This is our first attempt at a friendly tournament. The champion gets bragging rights. RULES:  7 teams w/ 4 squadmates Only people in the MHG Discor...[Read More]

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is free and the battle passes never expire, but that’s not all!

Hello fellow Spartans. It has been a while since we last had a Halo event to truly be excited over. That has changed in the last 24 hours. 343 Industries has pulled back the curtain on Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer that was absent from the last showcase. Just a year ago, it was rumored that the game might even launch without multiplayer. I reported on that rumor, the announcement that multipl...[Read More]

My Child Lebensborn Review

With all the glitz, glamor, and craziness of most video games, it’s nice to find something different. My Child Lebensborn fits that bill. This is probably one of the most touching games I played this year.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

During their impressive press conference today, Xbox announced that the second installment of the critically acclaimed A Plague Tale story would release in 2022. This title will be available on Xbox Game Pass as a Day One playable title. The first installment, titled A Plague Tale: Innocence (which is playable on Xbox Game Pass, by the way), follows the story of a brother and sister after their h...[Read More]

Forza Horizon 5 Announcement

Gorgeous, beautiful, crisp. These are words that describe the incredible beauty of the Forza games. Xbox’s E3 stage continues to not disappoint, this time showing off an amazing trailer and some gameplay of Forza Horizon 5. Set in Mexico, the team at Playground Games did a fantastic job of capturing the beauty of the scenery. Check out an in-depth gameplay video below.     Once ag...[Read More]

Diablo II Gets a New Trailer and Street Date!

Diablo II: Resurrection is a highly anticipated remake from Blizzard. But, you won’t have to wait much longer. Appearing on the Xbox E3 stage, Diablo II boasts updated graphics, 8 player co-op action, and more! And, you won’t have to wait much longer to play it. The release date is September 23rd, 2021. So, sit back and enjoy the trailer!   You’re in the perfect place for a...[Read More]

Halo: Infinite Multiplayer Trailer

Us Halo fans love multiplayer! Sure, the lore and the story are also important, but the nostalgia of LAN parties and jumping on Xbox Live with your friends is something we all remember. Well, it looks like Halo: Infinite is going to bring back those feelings for us older fans, and some new blood! Xbox presented us a fantastic first glimpse at the new Halo multiplayer, and it looked incredible! Se...[Read More]

More Battlefield 2042 Action!

If you were looking for more Battlefield 2042, then Xbox had you covered! Sure, we got a reveal trailer just recently, but we all wanted more. Showing up on Microsoft’s E3 stage, Battlefield 2042 gave us a ton of action and gameplay. From shooting, zip lining, dropping in tanks, planes, and even tornadoes, there was a ton of action to behold! Just check it out for yourself. You can also cat...[Read More]

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