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Star Wars Celebration is in full swing and today we finally have the Last Jedi official teaser. So, so good and so many questions are popping up now.

Last Jedi Trailer

Wow, that was fantastic, but it is leaving me with so many questions! From the sound of it we can hear Obi-Wan’s voice in the background at 54 seconds and what sounds like Yoda at 59 seconds. I could not make it fully out, but it sounds like Obi-Wan is talking about the path to the darkside. One thing is certain, that this symbol of the Jedi Academy is a central theme.

We also can see that Kylo has ditched his mask as we see it in a smoldering rubble on the ground and then get a close up shot of him with his red lightsaber.

And who was that speaking on the last line? Luke? What does it mean when we hear “the Jedi must end?” Could that be the voice of the Benicio Del Toro character we hear? Luke was tasked by Yoda to pass on what he had learned, so could this be Luke going back to the old Jedi ways? More like a monk or a Grey Jedi, to seek balance rather than dominate with either the light or dark side?

One thing is for sure: Many are seeking to end the Jedi. From the Force Awakens, the First Order fears the return of Luke. I am sure in the upcoming weeks we are going to have many fan theories.  Until then all us Star Wars fans have to wait!


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