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Don’t forget about your friends Red and Blue! Here’s why you need to be playing Halo 5 now more than ever.

Halo 5 is Aging… Well. Quite Well.

There have been some amazing games that have released over the past year, especially if you are a fan of the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre. Last year was loaded with great titles like Doom, Titanfall 2, Battlefield One and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare just to name a few. So, with all these amazing FPS titles to consume your controller time, why would you play a game such as Halo 5, a title that came out a year and a half ago? Well, because it has what so many gamers have been asking for in other games: CONTENT!

The Best Things in Life are Free

Since its release in October 2015, Halo 5 has received a steady stream of free content drops to round out its already top notch gameplay. With the game’s most recent content update, Monitor’s Bounty, Halo 5 has now had 10 free content drops that include such things as new maps, weapons, game modes, vehicles, character customization options and updates to Forge, its game mode creation suite.

If you’re in the mood to get sweaty and enjoy some high level gameplay, jump in to the Ranked playlist with such game types as Team Arena, SWAT or Breakout. If you want to kick back and have fun with some casual shooting, load up some Big Team Battle, Infection or Grifball in Halo 5’s Social playlist. For all out mayhem, grab some friends and play Warzone, Warzone Assault or Warzone Firefight. All of this is free of charge and included with owning the base game. Speaking of Forge, you can now download it on your Windows 10 PC and use the precision of a keyboard and mouse along with over 650 adjustable objects to create just about any map or gameplay variant that you can think of. Also, all of the maps and modes created in Forge are now easily playable in Halo 5’s custom games browser.


Season Pass? I’ll Pass.

Along with all the free content, 343 Industries has also stayed on top of keeping the gameplay smooth with constant patches and bug fixes. Combine that with dedicated servers, short lobby wait times for a match, and 20 different multiplayer modes and you have a winning recipe for some of the best shooting on any console. At this point in time, Halo 5 can be found heavily discounted in most game stores, and even cheaper on Ebay or Amazon. With no paid DLC or season pass to purchase, new players can get in at a low price point and get right in on the action.

Gamers that may have left Halo 5 in its early days because of lack of content, or to enjoy newer games, should also be pleasantly surprised with all of the new content and numbers of things to do. Halo 5 has more content and activities than just about any other shooter available right now; So, what are you waiting for Spartan? Pick up a battle rifle and some plasma grenades and man the gauss cannon in the warthog and let’s drop in to the warzone!

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  1. This game is amazing. The gameplay is fantastic and smooth. Glad to see another Spartan sing the praises of Halo 5’s multiplayer. Definitely my favorite competitive shooter right now. And Firefight is tons of fun.


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