Johnny’s Arcade – Retro Games Dissected Monthly


Welcome to Johnny’s Arcade. Every month I’ll be pulling some of the best retro games and consoles out of the closet, blowing off the dust and talking about what made them great… Or terrible!

Out With The New, In With The Old

Welcome to Johnny’s Arcade! This is a new series where once a month I will cover a retro game or console, talk about its history, go over gameplay, and reminisce about everything that makes it awesome. I will go from my beginnings on the NES, the great systems of the 90’s like the SNES and Playstation, the underdogs in the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast, and even the occasional arcade cabinet. This is Johnny’s ARCADE after all!

Johnny's Arcade - Retro Games Dissected Monthly

This won’t be a greatest hits collection though, as I will be covering retro games and consoles that I love and have fond memories and experiences with. I’m open to suggestions, so comment or Tweet at me with games from the past that I should check out. If it sounds good, I’ll add it to my list and try to cover it!

New articles will drop each month around the first week of the month. Look for my first featured game to pop up in the next week or so. Starting off, I will be covering my favorite retro game in the Street Fighter series: Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the Sony PlayStation, PS2, Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast!

Johnny's Arcade - Retro Games Dissected Monthly

Check back in to Johnny’s Arcade in June, right here on, as I tear down one of the best fast-paced arcade fighters ever made!


Nerd-Writer-Gamer-Dad. I'm married to an awesome woman and have an equally amazing little boy. I love everything in games, tv and movies. Started gaming on the NES and have owned and played every console up to Xbox One and PS4. I'm johnnycaged85 aka Travis and you can find me on the mulehorn zone and twitter verse starting shenanigans and keeping it not turrible!

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