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I have been very impressed with how fast the dev team has been responding to requests, and patches. So, I wanted to put together a list of things I’d love to see added in future updates. I’d also love to see some of y’all thoughts on things you would like to see added. I know we are very early in the game, but doesn’t hurt to give input right?

Item Management:

I’d like to see forward command posts in freeplay or on missions where we could swap out gear. A kind of mini forge if you will. I think as the game updates the use of Striders on the map could serve that purpose well, specially if the map continues to expand. We could even make it more in depth where you have to unlock those Striders by reaching certain loyalty ranks for each faction. It could work similar to how the forward command posts worked in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Fast Travel:

Use the above idea of Striders as forward command posts for fast travel as the freeplay maps expand. Unlocked by ranking up loyalty from factions on specific spots of the map?

Horde Mode:

I’d love to see this wrinkle added in later as well. Something similar to Mass Effect 3 multiplayer or MEA multiplayer. I think a true pvp mode might bring to many balancing issues in the game, but this could add another wrinkle of fun and somewhat satisfy some of those pvp gamers out there. Specially since we know leader boards are coming soon. It might also be a great way to have challenges for guilds? Add coins, and vinyls as rewards for the top teams for each season?

Custom Vinyls:

There are some amazing in game artists in this world and I think it would be awesome if we could make custom vinyls for our javelins. Maybe have your own icon on there or a guild icon? The designer could also indicate if he wants it to be made available for others playing Anthem to purchase with coin or shards. Might be a great way to have a large variety of vinyls out there and potential help support Bioware with people purchasing shards?

Enter The Javelin:

I like if you are team up with friends that you can be anywhere in the fort and just hold Y to enter the javelin. I’d love for that to be an option when we are not partied up as well.

Large Party Events:

I’d love to see an option in either freeplay or a special type Stronghold where we could bring in a party of 6 javelins. I don’t know how that’d work exactly but having a large scale battle of some kind with maybe some exclusive loot would be something great for us to chase.

Exclusive Loot

And following up on that thought, how about some exclusive loot? For example, complete 500 public events in freeplay and get this emote or this armor set ect. Adding more ways for each of our javelins to standout from one another. And weapons as well. GM2 stronghold gets a chance to drop such and such item or this armor set ect. Giving us grinders something to chase after.

That’s all I got for now. What do you guys think? Anything you’d like to see added later on in the game? I also posted this on reddit! 

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