I Have Seen The Future, And It Is Laser League

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In the future, where people crowd into stadiums to watch supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered cars play soccer, and where eSports have conquered the world – an exciting new arena sport makes its debut. Welcome to Laser League, a fast-paced, action packed, 2v2 top down action game where the environment is constantly changing and trying to kill you.

I Have Seen The Future, And It Is Laser League

In Laser League, the object of the game is to use the mayhem of the laser-based arena to destroy your opponents. You can choose one of six classes, each with its own unique powers: Smash, Thief, Ghost, Shock, Snipe, and Blade.

Rules of Engagement

You and your teammate can run around the arena touching laser arrays, which become active for your team color for a certain period of time. How the laser behaves depends on the layout of the level. If you get killed by an opponent’s laser, your teammate can revive you by simply touching you. Power-ups spawn across the arena, granting various statuses or changes, and the longer a round goes the more lasers appear and the faster everything moves. The round is over when both members of a team are dead.

During our demo at PAX, I found I did best as a Blade. This allowed me to charge forward a small distance with laser blades to attack an opponent. Players are quick to move around, so hitting a player as a Blade without assistance from someone like Shock can be challenging. The Shock class, who can temporarily paralyze an opponent, makes an opening for the Blade to sweep in for the kill.

I Have Seen The Future, And It Is Laser League

That’s No Wall…

What I found especially satisfying was what one of the devs on site called “Pac-Man walls.” In the arena, you can run through the top wall and come out the bottom, the right wall and come out the left, or vice versa. From a strategic sense, this eliminates any concept of territory or “sides.” There is no “my side” or “their side” of the arena, only what the active lasers dictate. This means the field is in constant flux. Plus, it’s very gratifying to use a Blade to leap through a wall and slice a player in the back when their eyes were looking elsewhere on the map.

In all honestly, this was my favorite game shown at PAX. This game is not only very fun to play and very tactical, but it’s also great to watch. Laser League has great couch co-op and eSports potential.

Laser League is set to release in early 2018 on Steam Early Access, and an open beta is scheduled Jan 26-28. Laser League is being developed by Roll7, creators of OlliOlli.

Josh (aka P53ud0Nym, aka jozNaz) got his start in gaming playing his uncle’s NES and his friend’s Sega Genesis. At the age of 14, he got a job, rode his bike to Kmart, and bought a Game Boy Color and Pokémon Blue. Josh enjoys RPGs, shooters, racing, and adventure games as well as teaching his two kids the ways of the Force.


  1. Yes! This game was so fun sitting on the couch with other players and drinking beer at the 505 mixer at PAX getting stellar hype reactions from the audience!

  2. I can’t wait to play this!


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