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A game I heard that was going to be attending PAX South 2017 was Hyper Universe! published by Nexon America and developed by CWAVESOFT. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I got to experience at PAX.

Hyper Universe

Quick look at the Hyper Universe! booth at Pax South 2017. Loving those characters


I got the chance to talk to one of the Nexon crew that was at Pax South about Hyper Universe! and the easiest way to describe the game is a kind of Street Fighter meets League of Legends. It’s an interesting new take on the MOBA genre of games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Like most other MOBAs, you have your Heroes called Hypers and each fit into one of six different categories. You of course have your Tanker (Tank) class as well as the Supporter (Support). However, instead of breaking down the DPS Hypers into just Attack and Ability-based, there are four different classes. You have the Bruiser (Melee), Striker (Ranged), Technician (Ability) and Stalker (Assassin).

Gameplay Differences:

Something to note about the gameplay in Hyper Universe! is that it’s very much a MOBA at heart with a couple big twists. The first that is most apparent is the Battle Arena, while excellently crafted in a 3D-looking environment, is side scrolling in a Street Fighter like fashion. In your traditional MOBA you have your top, middle and bottom lanes with the jungling area in between. What Hyper Universe! does differently with the side scrolling is you have to climb ladders up and down to get to those respective lanes, while the jungling area is below the main battle arena. The arena that I got the chance to play on was modeled on a futuristic manufacturing tower where the main lanes were the different floors of the tower and the jungling area looked a lot like the storage basement.

Hyper Universe

Quick look at the battlefield with your MOBA style turret that you have to defend


The other big game mechanic to Hyper Universe!  that differs from other MOBAs is the pace of the combat in each match. In other MOBAs, such as LoL and HotS, you point and click your hero along and select your target with your mouse. Combat, for the most part, takes care of itself, relying on your timed button presses for abilities and knowing when to click your character out of there. In Hyper Universe! you don’t use a mouse during gameplay. You can use it to queue up and select your Hyper and hover it over skills to see what each one does for your chosen character.

During a match you use the arrow keys as well as your usual keys (Q,W, E, and R). You also have your fourth ability set to A. The difference comes into play with your Hyper’s basic attack. Usually you would just auto-attack whichever enemy you have selected. Instead, it is set to S and you have to constantly tap S to damage enemies. Your Hyper also has a Jump set to D and a short Dash to get in and out of combat on F. It’s that constant need to keep pressing keys and moving that gives the gameplay a brawler feel, and there were a few times while playing as the character Pinky that I had a nostalgic feeling of playing Mega Man. I was shooting rainbows and hearts instead of energy pellets and saw blades, with the platforming and constant movement of my fingers to keep engaged and involved in the fight.

Hyper Universe

The Ultimate Abilities, like other Hero based games, do just that. Make you feel Ultimate and like Aisha’s My Friend Murphy Ultimate look amazing!

Wrap Up:

Of the people and the games that I got to play at PAX South, the experience I had over at the Hyper Universe! booth was one of my favorites. There was no solid release date for the game while I was there, but Nexon is working on a US release by the end of 2017. This is a game I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on and can’t wait for more news on it. Stay tuned to our site for more information as we get it. You can also register for the Hyper Universe! Beta at their website and get in on some of this awesome action.

Below is the Announcement trailer from the Hyper Universe! Youtube channel.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6SINDKIXT4[/embedyt]

Nerdy husband and father of two, Derek has been playing video games and reading comics since he was a wee lad. Derek is also the host of the Halftone Hero Podcast and long-time loyal Nintendo fan.

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