What the Heck is a Wardcliff Coil?

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You may have been wondering: What in the world was the inspiration behind that strange microphone-shaped rocket launcher in Destiny 2? Well, it’s safe to say the Wardcliff Coil’s design comes from Wardenclyffe Tower A.K.A. Tesla Tower. Built by Nikola Tesla, it was an attempt to prove his experiment, a wireless power transmission system.

What the Heck is a Wardcliff Coil? Destiny 2 exotic weapon lore

The Wardcliff Coil, Exotic Rocker Launcher in Destiny 2

Nikola Tesla was a famous and fascinating scientist whose research laid much of the groundwork for modern electrical and communication systems. He has been written about countless times and is definitely worth learning about.

The Wardenclyffe Tower was his attempt to create a wireless power transmission station. This was all based on his theories of using the Earth to conduct the signals. Tesla intended to transmit messages, telephony and even facsimile images across the Atlantic to England and to ships at sea. Ultimately, this became a great failure due to his competition, Guglielmo Marconi. Marconi’s radio based telegraph system was much cheaper and more successful at sending and receiving messages. This prevented Tesla from being able to gather further funding for his invention. Since he was also so secretive about his laboratory and his plans it, cast the once brilliant scientist in a dark light.

Tesla was very skeptical of his fellow scientists all working in this field. He wasn’t a believer in the popular consensus about radio wave technology at the time. He thought that transmissions done in this manner would only travel in straight lines, like light does, and be lost forever. Tesla developed his own ideas on how a worldwide wireless system would work. He theorized from these experiments that if he injected electric current into the Earth at just the right frequency he could harness what he believed was the planet’s own electrical charge. The goal would be to resonate at a frequency that would be amplified in “standing waves” that could be tapped anywhere on the planet to run devices or, through modulation, carry a signal. Unfortunately his system was based more on 19th century ideas of electrical conduction and telegraphy instead of the newer theories of air-borne electromagnetic waves, with an electrical charge being conducted through the ground and being returned through the air.

What the Heck is a Wardcliff Coil? Destiny 2 exotic weapon lore

The Tesla Tower in Shoreham, Long Island, New York.

Tesla’s design used a concept of a charged conductive upper layer in the atmosphere, a theory dating back to an 1872 idea for a proposed wireless power system by Mahlon Loomis. Tesla not only believed that he could use this layer as his return path in his electrical conduction system, but that the power flowing through it would make it glow, providing night time lighting for cities and shipping lanes.

Since his youth, Tesla secretly wanted to end war by creating a utopian society with free power to everyone. This was due to the struggles of war time and witnessing what his family had gone through because of his radical ideas and rants. One of his inventions was a Tesla coil (an early transformer) which was to be used at the Tesla Tower. The Tesla coil was a device that could take standard 120v AC and ramp it up to much higher. Voltages could go from 50 kilovolts to several million volts, sending bolts of lighting wherever directed. Many government agencies feared that he wanted to weaponize his inventions. There are reports of his lab being raided and drawings being confiscated. Because of this some, rumors rapidly spread of him inventing a “death ray” and this caused people to believe he was nothing more than a mad scientist with dubious intentions.

The Wardenclyffe Tower was going to be at the center of what he envisioned as a hub city capable of connecting the world to electricity. In the main building, there would be electromechanical devices, generators, transformers, Tesla coils, a remote controlled boat, a library and an office.

The Tower and land was later broken up, sold, decommissioned and scraped throughout history. Today the lab still stands however, having been turned into a museum for all to learn about the marvels behind the legendary scientist. This is due to the relatively recent surge of interest in preserving this almost erased scientists that made some of the most important contributions to our world as we know it today.

Shocking, I know!

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