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Thanks to 10 Chambers Collective, we had the pleasure of checking out the Alpha for one of the most anticipated co-op survival games: GTFO. Since it’s reveal in 2017, GTFO has been somewhat shrouded in mystery. A lot of billings have slated it as a “hardcore Left 4 Dead”, but if you ask me it’s much heavier on the survival. Ammo is scarce, resources are limited and your best friends are just that: your best friends. When going into the Alpha, the people at 10 Chambers strongly emphasized playing with friends and utilizing third party VOIP as it wasn’t currently in the build made available for us to test.

From my initial impressions, success in GTFO is heavily weighted on strategy and team composition and while my time with the Alpha was pretty short, I did enjoy what I played and definitely left me wanting to play more in the near future. With that said, there are definitely some good and not-so-good things I found about the game given my limited time.

The Good

  • Fantastic Retro/Futuristic Aesthetic. Reminded me a lot of the Alien series.
  • Map Traversal and puzzle-solving were fun and encouraged you to work with teammates.
  • Melee weapons felt very satisfying.

The Not-So-Good

  • The weapon hit detection felt a bit off at optimal range with single fire weapons like pistols and shotguns.
  • Audio Mix felt a bit off. Sound in the elevator heading into an expedition was incredibly loud comparably to everything else.
  • Character movement could be a bit more fluid. Being able to mantle would be a huge improvement. Sprint speed could be slightly faster.

If GTFO sounds like something you would be interested in, check out the GTFO website and become an ambassador. If you missed the first Alpha, that’s OK! They just announced on their Discord that they will be having another play session from October 31 to November 3, so get yourself signed up and in the meantime, check out 90 minutes of GTFO Alpha Gameplay!

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