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In November 2016, Capital Games released the Ships update for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Now that we’ve had some time to experience ship battles, let’s discuss what we know.

Beginning at player level 25, fleet events will become playable every few levels until level 60. These events will reward shards used to unlock and upgrade ships and the pilots associated with them. You won’t be able to participate in the full ship experience until reaching player level 60, but the character shards obtained should be useful for any player.

Following are the crew, fleet commanders, and ships you can expect to earn throughout these events:

Crew / Ships

  • Resistance Pilot and Resistance X-wing
  • Jedi Consular and Jedi Consular’s Starfighter
  • Imperial TIE Pilot and Imperial TIE Fighter
  • Clone Sergeant Phase I and ARC-170
  • First Order TIE Pilot and First Order TIE Fighter

Fleet Commanders / Capital Ships

  • Admiral Ackbar and Home ONE
  • Grand Moff Tarkin and Executrix
  • Mace Windu and Endurance

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes shipsUpon reaching player level 60, a new section labeled “ships” will be unlocked. Depending on whether you play Galaxy of Heroes using an Android or Apple device, you may have been rewarded with shards for Biggs or Wedge and their respective ship. Also, you should know that each ship has a “crew” which cannot be interchanged. For example, only Jedi Consular can pilot Jedi Consular’s Starfighter. Leveling, gearing, upgrading, and modding your hero will make a noticeable impact on the power of his or her ship.

Ships Overview

The first thing you’ll likely notice is there are no light side or dark side battles. Unfortunately, the only PvE experience you’ll wring out of the ships update will be from the events and ship challenges.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes ships

Ship challenges will be one of your first priorities, as they are the only way to obtain more shards used to upgrade your fleet commanders’ ships. Home One, Executrix, and Endurance will each have their own unique challenge available to play on different days. Additional challenges will reward ship enhancement (training) droids, ship building materials (ship credits, essentially), and ship ability materials. Please note that the coveted ability material Zeta, used to upgrade a hero’s ability past omega level, are obtainable through the highest tier of the latter ship challenge. You will need an upgraded Executrix to attempt the challenge.

I recommend raising the level of your ships to at least 50 in order to make some decent progress in the challenges as well as fleet arena.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes ships

Fleet arena is the real bread and butter of the ships update in Galaxy of Heroes. Here, you will participate in battles against your fellow holotable combatants using your fleet. Once a day, just like the squad arena, there is a payout based on rank which will reward enhancement droids, ship building materials, and fleet arena tokens.

Fleet Shipments is where you will spend fleet arena tokens. Here, ship and hero shards, high-level gear, and zeta materials can be purchased. Note that some heroes and ships that are not farmable anywhere else can be obtained here, and the stock rotates so check it regularly. You can even find Darth Vader shards here!

Where do I get more shards?

Fleet Shipments are not the only way to upgrade the power of your ships. The Galactic War Store will now have 3 available ship items at any given time (4 shards @ 400 War Tokens). The Cantina Battle store now offers ship building materials (84K @ 400 credits, 42K @ 200 credits) and enhancement droids (20 T4 droids @ 400 credits). The Squad Arena store now sells Prestige (10 Prestige @ 600 tokens), similar to ability materials but used only to upgrade capital ship abilities. Note that Mace Windu is now available in the Arena Store.

Fleet Shipment Exclusives

While the Galactic War Store offers a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your ships on the cheap, some ships are simply not going to show up there. Following are the ships only obtainable via fleet shipments:

  • Rex’s ARC-170

  • Poe Dameron’s X-Wing

  • Bistan’s U-Wing

  • Boba Fett’s Slave 1

  • Darth Maul’s Scimitar.

NOTE: Some ships are currently only available through special events or by purchasing data packs.

Stay tuned for more posts detailing how to battle effectively and set up synergies with your fleet. Got any questions or have anything else you’d like to see about Galaxy of Heroes? Leave a comment below!

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