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Are you a big fan of Super Smash Bros? How about other party fighters like TMNT: Smash-Up or PlayStation All-Stars? Well, you are in luck! A new game is coming out soon featuring the same party/fighter gameplay. I was able to interview the CEO of Angry Mob Games, Bogdan Iliesiu, to talk a bit more about the game, Brawlout. Check it out in the video below.

Brawlout Interview 1


A Knock-Down, Brawlout Fight

So, as you can tell, the game features the same damage percentage as Super Smash Bros. As you take more damage, you will be sent flying off of the stage. This “King of the Hill” style gameplay is fast-paced and takes a lot of skill to master. Thaddeus and I decided to play a few matches before the interview to see how it felt. A few others jumped in with us, and the shenanigans began! It was funny, intense, and satisfying all at the same time. Definitely an experience that gamers want.

Brawlout Interview 2

The Best Defense? A Good Offense

You may be thinking, “Cool, Hound. But, what makes this game different?” Well, the big difference in this game is that you are unable to block… Like, at all. There is no dodge-rolling around the arena. You can’t block an attack and make a quick counter attack. No, this game is all about being offensive and landing your hits when the opportunity is open. Also, this allows for many more combos than other games. Juggling opponents to build damage and then finishing them off will turn an “easy to pick-up” game into one that is “difficult to master.” Once you become a master, though, it’ll be even more fun!

Brawlout Interview 3

Brawlout will be releasing on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in early 2017. What are your thoughts about Brawlout? Will you be picking it up on release? Let us know in the comments below. For more PAX South coverage of great new games, click here!

Stay tuned for a special Brawlout-themed giveaway soon!

Weston, aka Houndstooth, has been a gamer since he played the NES at two years old. He is now married to his best friend who is not only a great wife but an avid gamer as well. He loves all games and will keep playing until it isn't fun anymore.


  1. This game was super fun to play! I can’t wait till this comes to Xbox One.

    • Same here. Get some tournaments in to see who gets the MuleCrown.


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