Madden 21 did it again predicting a Chiefs win (even if technically it was a 50-50 split) last week. This week’s Monday Night Football game pits the surprising Bears against the Rams.

Madden 21 yet again correctly picked the winner of last week’s rare Tuesday night game. This week, the Bills again are the subject of my simulation but have the task of taking on the Chiefs. A week after the mighty Titans took them down can they beat the defending champs?

Madden 21 once again made the correct pick last week by predicting the Packers would keep the Falcons winless. This week, I chose the rare Tuesday night game with the Bills visiting the Titans

Madden had its first miss of the season as the Chiefs handled the Ravens easily. This week, I again turned to the Monday Night Football game where the Falcons visit the Packers.

Last week’s game between the Patriots and Seahawks was a great game that came down to the wire. Madden again was correct in picking the Seahawks to beat the Patriots. It actually even predicted the Seahawks point total pretty closely (they averaged 34.62 points in their wins). Let’s see if Madden can continue its streak when the Chiefs visit the Ravens.

Last week Madden 21 correctly picked the Steelers over the Giants (not that it was that much of a contest. This week we see if Madden 21 can pick between the Sunday night matchup when the Patriots visit the Seahawks.

The NFL 2020 season is upon us! That also signals the return of my weekly Madden simulations. This season I am going to try to sprinkle in some videos as well but will save those for some of the bigger matchups. Let’s get to the first simulation. The Steelers at the Giants!

In a tough battle, Witcher 3 pulled off the win against Halo 3. Next up is the battle in South R. Final Fantasy 7 VS Dragon Age Inquisition. THIS is going to be interesting to watch. There are hardcore fans on both sides and I and curious how this one will turn out. Remember all voting is done in our discord so join if you’d like to vote. Voting ends Monday at midnight!

We have the final results from the South L bracket, and Ocarina of Time barely edged out Golden Eye by a few votes! Final Round of the Sweet 16 We are now on the final round of the sweet sixteen and there are some tough choices ahead for voters. Assassins Creed 2 vs Skyrim? Fable II vs Mass Effect 3? These are going to be hard! Voting ends Friday at midnight. If you’d like to vote join our d...

Wow, we had another overtime finish and Final Fantasy 7 took it over Star Wars: Fallen Order by one vote! Check out the results below! Sweet 16 South L Bracket This is going to be an interesting round. Mass Effect 2 vs Horizon Zero Dawn is a tough one, and so his the nostalgic vote for Golden Eye. It’s going to be interesting to see the bracket shape up in the final round! All voting is down...

We now have the final results of our North L bracket. It looks like Witcher 3 came out on top of Diablo III by a pretty wide margin and KOTOR was edged out by Halo 2 by one vote! South R Sweet 16 Round Moving on to the South R side of our bracket. We have Star Wars Fallen Order going up against Final Fantasy 7 and Dragon Age Inquisition going against Control! This one is going to be interesting as...

We are coming down to the wire as we move into the Sweet 16 of our MHG Madness! The North R was a close one as we had to have some overtime between Mortal Kombat and Mass Effect 3! Take a look at the sweet 16! MHG Madness Sweet 16 The first round is starting in North L! These are going to be mega hard to pick. Kotor vs Halo 2? Diablo III vs Witcher3? I don’t even know… Good luck to you...

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