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Take a look at the new Destiny 2 expansion Shadowkeep and its first mission! Enjoy

Destiny. A word that encompasses many things for many people. For me, and millions across the world, Destiny highlights hours of honed skill, fun with fireteams, raid bosses annihilated, and crucible matches won…and lost. For five years, we have stood up as Guardians to defend the Light against the Dark. I’ve loved every moment, even the ones I hated. This is my ode to Destiny and its sequel, Dest...

Last week, Bungie revealed their plans for Destiny 2 which will be coming in September. This was a massive reveal and the significance of the short time between the launch of the Season of Opulence and the reveal is not to be ignored. I believe that Bungie really wanted to address the fact that they are now self-publishing the game. It is a great opportunity to address this while they have the com...

With the console beta behind us and Destiny 2 a little over a month away, I find myself thinking about what I hope to see (and what I don’t) in Destiny 2. You might say I have come up with a Destiny 2 wishlist. After playing Destiny for 3 years, I have developed some strong opinions on what could improve the sequel. 

Did you know Destiny is also known as the Fates in Greek mythology?

For the third time in as many weeks, Bungie fired up the Twitch Studio to do the final of three Age of Triumph reveal streams. This stream highlights the weapons and armor that you can earn by completing the reimagined raids. The last chapter of Destiny draws near as we wait for news on the highly anticipated Destiny 2. Let’s take a look:

The Destiny Age of Triumph stream just brought us closer to what we will soon be diving into this March 28th. Destiny’s “Weekly Ritual” reveal steam unveiled some interesting details concerning our Strikes, Story playlist, Crucible and Prison of Elders playlists.

Today, Bungie fired up the Twitch studio and brought Guardians their first look at the Age of Triumph, due to be launched on March 28th, 2017.  Let the swan song to Destiny begin.

Bungie gave it's Community an answer to the questions, "What's next?" and "Will we be able to carry over characters?" Well kind of. Players characters will carry over but won't be allowed to bring all their stuff with them.

Thanatonauts: is a blend of greek words “thanatos (thanato-)” and “nautes (-naut)”meaning “death voyager.” Think of this example: An astronaut exploring death instead of space.

If you follow any sort of gaming-related social media accounts at all then you might’ve noticed some commotion yesterday. Activision had their Quarterly Earnings Conference Call where they discuss, well, their franchises’ earnings. During the call they field questions from investment firms regarding the future of their franchises, among those of course being Destiny 2.

Today, Bungie went live on their Twitch channel to talk about Patch This patch goes live next Tuesday, February 14th. The Twitch stream focused mainly on the changes coming to weapons, as well as a few small changes to the Hunter Bladedancer subclass, Warlock Stormcaller, and a minor change to the Striker Titan class.  

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