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Bungie has released its plans for the first month of Destiny 2, posting a nice road map on their own blog. It tells us when we will be able to do certain events and, most importantly, when Xur will arrive. The road map starts with the launch week and ends on Friday, September 29.

The dust has settled after the Destiny 2 beta, yet we are still discovering new mysterious hints and lore that may unlock future story events ahead. With Grimoire pulled from the game it looks as if we may be scouting the wilds for clues and it may be up to us to find the story. Join me as we investigate how the infamous Captain Nemo may have left his mark in Destiny 2.

With the console beta behind us and Destiny 2 a little over a month away, I find myself thinking about what I hope to see (and what I don’t) in Destiny 2. You might say I have come up with a Destiny 2 wishlist. After playing Destiny for 3 years, I have developed some strong opinions on what could improve the sequel. 

It has been several days since the Destiny 2 beta completed its week long run, but I find myself still thinking about it. It was both greatly satisfying and infuriating at times. Bungie made the choice to make content available in the beta that would appeal to their Destiny 1 audience, but made appealing to a new audience harder than it could have been. Let’s take a look at the good, the bad...

Forging a New Era for Destiny Bungie lit up the stage with their Destiny 2 reveal stream. This first look at Destiny 2 gameplay gives us the lowdown on the new area we have access to on Earth, called the European Dead Zone. Seasoned players will know this as the location of the Widow’s Court crucible map in PvP. There are also three brand new locations to explore: Titan, Io, and Nessus.

Did you know Destiny is also known as the Fates in Greek mythology?

The Destiny 2 hype Train has officially begun barreling full steam ahead down the tracks, fueled by the massive community and Activision’s marketing team.

After many months of throwing their light against the darkness, guardians have finally gotten a glimpse of the next installment in their journey to become legends: Destiny 2.

Bungie has official confirmation via their twitter today for Destiny 2. See below for more details.

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