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Capital Games recently released an update for Galaxy of Heroes that carried some serious cargo: Mods. Mods allow a hero to be modified past their original capabilities, bolstering weaknesses or reinforcing strengths. Also, There are many different types of mods and it can all become a little confusing, so let’s go over how to obtain, equip, and upgrade mods!

Note: Since their original release, a subsequent update has reduced the effectiveness of mods. On release, many players were upset, claiming that mods disrupted the balance of the game. Now, while substantially less effective, mods still represent a fantastic way to tweak your heroes for a little more speed, defense, or other stat.

How to Get Mods

SWGOH Upgrade Mods 2First, you’ll need to obtain some mods. You must have a character at level 50 to unlock Mod Battles. Logging into the game and clicking around should trigger a tutorial that describes the new ways to obtain mods via Mod Battles, Challenges, and the Mod Shipments. Check out our full post on the July update here.

After completing some Mod Battles, you should have a few mods to play around with. Don’t forget to check the Mod Shipments for some good deals (some of them sell for normal credits!).

There are 8 stages in Mod Battles, and each stage’s levels reward a particular type of mod. There are 6 shapes of mods, available in battles A-F, while the last battle may reward a more powerful yet random mod. All mods rewarded through Mod Battles are MKI or MKII.

  • Stage 1 – Health Mods
  • Stage 2 – Defense Mods
  • Stage 3 – Critical Damage Mods
  • Stage 4 – Critical Chance Mods
  • Stage 5 – Tenacity Mods
  • Stage 6 – Offense Mods
  • Stage 7 – Potency Mods
  • Stage 8 – Speed Mods

Completing all of the battles in a stage will unlock the corresponding Mod Challenge. Mod Challenges are unique 3-tiered battles that cost cantina energy, require specific heroes, and reward more powerful mods when completed. These are the currently available Mod Challenges:

  • Health Mods – All characters allowed
  • Defense Mods – Only Jedi allowed
  • Critical Damage Mods – Only jawas allowed
  • Critical Chance Mods – Only scoundrels allowed
  • Tenacity Mods – Only rebels allowed
  • Offense Mods – Only First Order allowed
  • Potency Mods – Only empire allowed
  • Speed Mods – Only resistance allowed

Looks like we will need to upgrade some characters in order to finish all of these! Luckily, you may have already gotten a group of Jedi leveled for the Yoda event.

Assigning  ModsSWGOH Upgrade Mods 6

Open up your character screen and follow the link on the bottom that says MODS. This will display all of your characters that are able to equip mods. Looks like Admiral Ackbar is severely lacking in that department… So let’s remedy that! Click on one of your characters.

The next screen will show your available mods on the left, currently equipped mods in the middle, and your hero’s stats on the right. Click where it says ‘All Sets’ to filter the mods displayed by type. I’m going to filter them to show Defense mods.

SWGOH Upgrade Mods 8

I’ve selected the triangle (Holo-Array) to slot that snazzy MKIII-A Defense Mod. First, click an empty mod space and then select the mod you wish to equip. You can also double tap a mod on the left. If there is a mod already slotted, it will show up on the top-right in order to compare with the new mod. Wait a second… This mod is only at level 1. Let’s make it more powerful!


 Upgrading ModsSWGOH Upgrade Mods 9

Click ‘Upgrade’ to give it a little boost, or ‘Upgrade x10’ to buy 10 upgrades all at once. It will take quite a few upgrades to reach the maximum potential which is currently level 15. At levels 3, 6, 9, and 12, mods gain a new secondary stat! Be sure to pay attention to how your mod progresses. Notice that the rarity of the mod does NOT change (this will always be an MK III, for example).

SWGOH Upgrade Mods 11When you’re ready to equip the mod, just select the corresponding slot, and your mod, and hit ‘Assign’. Don’t worry! You can always hit ‘Revert’ and undo all the mod assignments you’ve made at no cost. Take a minute to inspect the updated stats on the right. Green values reflect the stats after equipping your mods. Once you have assigned mods to your heart’s content, click confirm.

Congratulations! You can now upgrade mods and fully utilize this new and powerful system. Mods can always be removed (for a price) if you change your mind, or loot a better one. Simply select the equipped mod and hit ‘Remove’. Alternatively, you can lock mods into place to prevent accidental removal or deletion. Just click the little lock icon next to ‘Remove’.

New Daily ActivitySWGOH Upgrade Mods 12

Using your newly acquired knowledge, remember to upgrade mods every day! Doing so will complete the newest daily activity. Any amount of upgrading will do, and if you’re level 80 then completing daily activities should be on the top of your to-do list. Omega materials are rewarded for completing all of the activities daily.

Check out our overview of the July update, and learn about the three new characters now available!

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