Forza Motorsport 7 Demo Impressions


A few days ago the demo for the upcoming Xbox exclusive title, Forza Motorsport 7, made its way to the Xbox Live store. Being a fan of the series since the original I decided to check it out. Surely it couldn’t be much different from Forza Motorsport 6…

Froza Motorsport 7

Blurring The Lines

In the demo there are three vehicles available to try: a Porsche 911 GT2 RS, a 2015 Mercedes Benz Tankpool 24 Race Truck, and an Autech Nissan GT-R. The car selected determines the track you race on. All three locations are beautiful, photo realistic vistas on which to burn rubber. The cars are equally as impressive and at some points it’s hard to tell you’re actually playing a game.

The most impressive part of the demo is the GT-R race on the Nuremburgring. When the race starts the weather is dark and cloudy. Halfway into the first lap the weather goes from cloudy to torrential rain, with thunder and lightning. The visual effects are stunning, and this is still just on an Xbox One S in 1080p HDR. Puddles form from the downpour, rain beads across the windshield, cars passing by kick water up, and trees in the distance sway in the heavy wind.

Froza Motorsport 7

The cars this time around have a more distinct weight and feel to them, even more so than in previous titles. The driving felt good in Forza 6, and better in Forza Horizon 3, but this time it feels like perfection. I’m just using a controller, but every bump, crack, and scrape can be felt, and is translated amazingly through the controller feedback along with movement of the screen. Every car and track feels different, and with the final release containing over 700 cars, makes for quite an experience and wealth of content.

Can It Get Better?

I can’t say enough about how gorgeous this game is. On my Xbox One S the game runs in 1080p, and at a smooth 60 frames per second. For most gamers, this is all the experience they need, but Turn 10 built this game for the Xbox One X, and Forza 7 will be the first title to take full advantage of the hardware. The game will run at an uncompressed true 4K and locked 60 frames per second with HDR. There will be more detail in the driver car, opponent cars and race locations than ever before.

Froza Motorsport 7

I was eager to check out the demo, and I’m glad I did. With so many improvements visible in just this small chunk, I can’t imagine what we’ll see in the full release. This will surely be the greatest Forza game to date and possibly the best racing sim as well. Forza Motorsport 7 releases on October 3.

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