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Season Two of Force Grey is here, and like its previous season it will showcase D&D’s  upcoming new campaign setting for 2017.

What Is Force Grey?

Force Grey is a D&D streaming series recorded over two days at Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons (WoTC D&D) studios. It features Matt Mercer, of Critical Role fame, along with a cast of familiar faces from TV and movies. Season one of Force Grey included Chris Hardwick, Brian Posehn, Ashley Johnson, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Shelby Fero, and Jonah Ray. Season two follows the same format with only two returning players. The pace of  Force Grey is fast with episodes that are only thirty minutes long. In my opinion Force Grey is the most entertaining of all the official D&D streams.

Force Grey Season Two Cast

The cast of Force Grey Season 2 includes:


Force Grey season one (better known as Force Grey: Giant Hunters) showcased the then-brand-new D&D adventure campaign setting, “Storm Kings Thunder.” It’s an adventure setting that pitted players against the forces of the Giant races of the Forgotten Realms. Force Grey season two, “Lost City of Omu” will showcase D&D’s upcoming adventure campaign setting “Tomb of Annihilation.” This time, players will explore the jungles of Chult. It sits on a peninsula located on the southernmost part of the Forgotten Realms. It’s roughly one thousand miles south of the central section of the Sword Coast – a popular D&D adventure setting for the last twenty years.

Force Grey Tomb of Annihilation Map

Going Prehistoric

Chult presents an interesting challenge to me – Dinosaurs. Not because they are dinosaurs, but because they are dinosaurs in a world that, in my mind, is nearly identical to Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, and nothing like Edgar Wallace’s King Island. There are no dinosaurs roaming the plains of Gondor or menacing the Elves of Mirkwood. The closest thing to a dinosaur in Middle-earth would be the Oliphant of the Haradrim. I vividly remember my first encounter. It was the year 1981 and the adventure was module number X1 “The Isle of Dread.” It was included in the D&D Expert Box Set. I took one look at it and said “Nope! This is not for me.” My group chose to fight Dragons, Giants and the Undead. We left the dinosaurs for other adventuring parties.

Force Grey Tomb of Annihilation Crypt

D&D Dinosaur History

This isn’t the first time dinosaurs have been the protagonists in a D&D setting, but they have been extremely rare. Dinosaurs have always been part of D&D. The Monster Manual has included dinosaurs in every edition except for the 4th edition when the Dinosaur category was renamed Behemoth. Someone argued that in the world of fantasy they wouldn’t carry the same name as they do in reality. That argument fell apart quickly, for obvious reasons. The 4th edition’s faux pas was corrected in 5th edition and now Dinosaurs are getting top billing.

Dinosaurs in DnD

Force Grey: Lost City of Omu

Force Grey: Lost City of Omu will give us an early look at this new land before Tomb of Annihilation hits store shelves. Were it not for what has already been revealed about the Tomb of Annihilation, I would be receiving it with the same interest I had for the Isle of Dread. But, by all accounts it appears the Tomb of Annihilation will present a world with a rich backstory. Players will not only find familiar races in Chult, but also some old ones resurrected.


A small but thriving community of humanoids inhabits Chult and make use of its unique resources. The Chultans have learned to use dinosaurs as beasts of burden. Dinosaur races are wildly popular, and they are a primary source of income for some individuals. If dinosaurs aren’t enough, there is an evil curse that has stricken all of the realms, and the power behind it is manifested in Chult. This new threat brings the undead with it – even a zombie T-Rex that can expel other zombies from its gullet and attack on his behalf. With that kind of creativity in play I can get excited about exploring a setting I have long been avoiding.

Force Grey The Lost City of Omu premiered July 31, 2017, and will stream a new episode every Monday at 5pm on

Are you a fan of Force Grey? Do you think Dinosaurs have a place in the world of D&D? Will you add them to your campaign? I’d love to hear your opinion and ideas. Leave me a message below or reach out to me at or on Twitter @Gravykingpin


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