For Honor Season 3 – Grudge and Glory


Ubisoft continues to support its sword and shield fighting game, For Honor. The publisher just released information on the game’s upcoming third season titled “Grudge and Glory.” Below is a first look at For Honor Season 3 – Grudge and Glory.

New Warriors Join the Ranks

For Honor Season 3 – Grudge and Glory will arrive on August 15, 2017, and with it comes two new fierce characters. The Gladiator and the Highlander will be joining the ranks of For Honor’s roster of brutal warriors.

For Honor Season 3 Grudge and Glory Gladiator

The Gladiator wears very little armor, and wields a trident with a small one-handed shield. The character has a large stamina bar and boasts fast cool downs which, combined with light armor, makes them quick and agile.

For Honor Season 3 Grudge and Glory Highlander

The Highlander, on the other hand, is all about big damage. Wielding a very large claymore, the Highlander moves slowly, but hits very hard. The character also boast two different fighting styles: A defensive style, which allows for light attacks while parrying and countering; and an offensive style, which doesn’t allow for blocking, but deals heavy damage while two-handing their giant sword.

Both new characters will be available to season pass holders on August 15, 2017,  while non-season pass holders can access them on the 22nd by purchasing them with 15,000 steel.

New Locations to Wage War

For Honor Season 3 also brings with it two new maps to take the fight to: Sentinal and Viking Village.

Sentinal features a large ballista which can be fired at opponents, killing them in one hit.

Viking Village features a trap door which launches a rolling spiked log, crushing anyone in its path.

Along with the environmental weapons to use, both locations include unique paths and structures for players to use to their advantage. Both new maps will be available to all players on August 15th.

But That’s Not All!

Also coming with Grudge and Glory are some much requested features. A big one, also just revealed by Ubisoft, is dedicated servers. Connection issues have plagued the game since launch, as the peer to peer connectivity system has had a hard time keeping up. Ubisoft has been working hard to get all new dedicated servers up and running for the always-online fighting game, and hopes this will solve a great deal of related issues.

Other features being added to the game with Season 3 include:

– New Legendary level gear

– New attainable hero reputation level of 40

– Incoming 1v1 duel tournaments

– Ranked 4v4 modes coming later in the year

Will you be joining the fray in Season 3 of For Honor? If you are already in the fight, what do you think of the upcoming content, features and changes? Sound off in the comments section!

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