First Impressions: Call of Duty is Back!

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New year, same Call of Duty?

Yep, it’s that time of year again! Call of Duty: Vanguard hit the shelves and hit our wallets this again this year. To the surprise of many, including myself, the game is actually…good!

Sledgehammer Games really nailed it this year with CoD sending us back to WWII and having us fight Nazis, take on new horrors in Zombies, and even battle it out in public lobbies in the multiplayer. Now, if you are wondering where the battle royale is at, it’s coming. Once the current season ends, it will begin on Vanguard, and that’s when Activision plans to push Ricochet, the new anti-cheat.

Anti Cheat issues

Ricochet has been hailed as a god-send in the CoD community. Tons of tiktoks, YouTube videos and twitter posts show off tons of cheaters and hackers within the game. More and more people have started posting hackers and cheaters than their really cool trick shots or kills. When Ricochet was first announced people cheered, and then within days a group posted on twitter that they had already reverse hacked the code and that Ricochet would be no problem to get around. This sent the programming team into a frenzy, hence the reason for the delay of the anti-cheat itself.

Next Gen/Cross Gen Cost more

Some people have scoffed at the $69.99 price tag, but it allows you to play cross console. So if you have a PS4 and PS5, you can play on both, or if you an Xbox One X, and Series X you can do the same. The game by default is cross platform, so no need to to worry about which platform to buy on. You will need to get your Activision ID if you want to play with your PC friends, and that can be done by logging into Activision’s website and navigating to your profile information. You can also link all your desired platforms while on the site as well. As an added measure of safety, it’s encouraged that you add two factor authentication as well. 

My experience with the multiplayer has been great. The gun play has been smooth, and at the moment things seem fairly balanced. The only real issue that I have noticed, and so have others is that you can’t really hear the other players running around. Usually reserved for perks called ‘Ninja’ or ‘Dead Silence.’ The current glitch will be patched out, but Activision hasn’t stated when that will be. Overall, while it’s a pain it’s not a game killer in the slightest, and does add to the “Oh hey, there was a person there!” moments.

Ready up your controllers, and make sure batteries are charged cause Call of Duty: Vanguard is going to take you on a wild ride.

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