First Impressions: Borderlands 2 – Commander Lilith & The Fight for Sanctuary


If you have been living under a rock these past few weeks I have some amazing news for you!  Borderlands 2 has a NEW DLC!  I was skeptical when I first heard that Gearbox had plans for a new DLC for a game that is 7 years old.  It is unheard of!  Lo and behold, folks, it is real and it is here!  I got the opportunity to dig into the first couple hours of it and I HAD to talk about it.

Oh, the Nostalgia!

It felt so good to get some new story for my all-time favorite Borderlands game.  The beginning of the DLC is full of emotional nods to those we’ve lost along the way and the inevitable power vacuum that happens when a leader passes.  We really feel the loss of Roland as Lilith, Ellie, Mordecai, and Tannis are at odds over the future of the Crimson Raiders.  Suddenly, our Sanctuary is invaded by an unknown militaristic force.  We are on the mission to take back our beloved city and save the masses, you know, a normal day on Pandora.

With some QOL tweaks

Guys, GUYS! If you haven’t picked up BL2 and want to take a big meaty bite of this amazing game series you can jump right into the story!  There is now the option on the character select screen to make level 30 characters!  You can try out a character you haven’t before without as much of a time sink.  That’s not all!  They have also organized the Fast Travel locations into DLC categories. Although this may seem trivial, for someone like me who rarely pays attention to the actual name of the place I am supposed to go it takes the guess-work out of traveling. Gearbox also added some new icons on the name bars to help differentiate the types of roles your coop buddies are filling.  My Nurse Maya has a red health symbol beneath her health bar, while my wife’s Axton has a shield indicating she is playing a tank-style Commando.

I wasn’t ready

It is easy to download a DLC and get your blood pumping for some Phaselock goodness but this DLC has something else in mind.  I just wasn’t ready for what it threw at me.  This DLC is full of nostalgia-driven, gut-wrenching, pain-fueled story.  Lilith wrestling with her pain over the loss of Roland is palpable but there was something more. That first Catch-a-ride station. I wasn’t ready to hear Scooter’s voice. Wasn’t ready for the side quest that gives our beloved mechanic an appropriate send-off with flames or sparks.  I wasn’t ready to hand over the Catch-a-ride deed over to Ellie, however much love to that big girl. It is interesting how a game can affect us.  It is even more so how we are caught off guard by characters who are usually in place for comedic relief.  Tiny Tina is growing, not just getting older, but actually growing up.  She discusses her loss, and what she feels she must do to just keep going.  It is… so very different to see all these characters dealing with loss (I was just as torn up over Dragon’s Keep DLC too).

Keep on shootin’

I made it through the first couple hours, and I have no idea how much more I have left, but I can’t wait to get some new guns and stomp a few faces along the way.  As a fan, I am over the moon that Gearbox gave us something to carry us into September.  They have gotten very adept at keeping that hype train chugging.  As long as they keep the guns flowing and give bandits to shoot IN THE FACE! I think we will all keep coming back for more.  Once I get through this story I will update this with a full review.  Tell us what you think of it.  Anything you guys like or hate?  Characters you miss more than others?

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