MHG Podcast EP 75: Mass Effect Andromeda – Spoiler Free Impressions

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MHG Podcast EP 75: Mass Effect Andromeda – Spoiler Free Impressions

Recorded on Thursday, March 16, 2017.

Whether you came for the pretty good banging or you stayed for the hilarious gifs, Mass Effect has a little something for everyone. In the newest installment, Mass Effect Andromeda, Bioware finally abandons Commander Shepard in favor of exploring a brave new galaxy.

This week, we are joined by DaCrackseed, founder of the Mass Effect Forever Discord chat server and Moderator for the Mass Effect subreddit. After getting pleasantries and general gaming history out of the way, we pack up on the Ark Hyperion and set sail for Andromeda!

Mass Effect Andromeda opened up early for subscribers to EA’s premium services, EA Access and Origin Access for Xbox and PC, respectively. Granted with 10 hours of early access, we discuss how we prioritized our short time with the game.

Mass Effect 3 had multiplayer, the first in the series to feature it, and Andromeda is following suit. We go over some of the eccentricities of the new mode and the challenges that come with it.

Of course, no game is without its critics and naysayers. Mass Effect Andromeda has received a litany of complaints regarding several aspects of the game from the old fans as well as those completely new to the series. We air some of that dirty laundry here, discussing our thoughts on negative feedback, bandwagons of hatred, and some constructive criticism of our own.

#wordonthetweet submissions largely cover Mass Effect Andromeda including character customization, romance options, references to previous games, and more.

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