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“Up and coming.” That’s a term used to describe this month’s cosplay/prop builder. There’s no shortage of talent, skill and rising ability with this eccentric Sangheili prop builder. Capt. Half-jaw is a Halo fanatic, tinkering away with many hrs building some of the coolest props. He’s an “Elite Elite”.
halo cosplay
So tell the universe who you are.
Hello I am Peter. Also known as Peterthethinker.
Do you have any formal training that helped you with cosplay?
I did my primary degree in college for Electronics Engineering Tech stuff and also I did a 2nd degree in Theatre arts costume and makeup design.
Wow, definitely shows up in your creations. How long have you been building?
I’ve been building all kinds of things from 7 Years old onward.
As for cosplay, I got in to it back in ’05. I’ve made dozens of comic book heroes and 100s of costumes for theatre productions over the years.
So what was your first build?
I whipped up a Link LoZ cosplay in a few days back in ’05.
As for Armor and HALO I started in Spring of 2015.
I was the first cosplayer in the world to 3D print a fully wearable Halo Master Chief costume.
The first one? Wow that’s cool. 3d printing is now everywhere.
What other methods do you use?
I primarily 3D print my costumes and props. I have also worked with both Pep, fiberglass, vacform and EVA foam.
halo cosplay
What model 3D printers do you use?
I run a flashforge Dreamer with a 9X6X6 area. For all my previous builds, however a friend gave me his Rostock MAX v2 with a 10 inch Dia area and 16 inch height. With the new machine I can print a thigh or arm in one go! Far fewer parts than the flashforge. That FF3D machine has been really stable with over 2000+ hours on it and very few problems.
Where do you get most of your source material?
As for the CAD files, you can get them online with ease, or many of the things I’ve made are my own models I drafted from scratch.
Where do you purchase most of your materials?
I mostly use ABS as it can be acetone smoothed. I get my raw filament from Fry’s in town.
What is your favorite build?  
Oh that’s a tough one.
Yeah kinda like picking a favorite child.
My first set of armor has a soft spot in my heart but my primary cosplay of Rtas Vadum (the elite shipmaster) is also my top pick.
halo cosplay
Yeah your elite is amazing, have you made weapons?
I’ve made tons of props from HALO and a few from destiny. BR, AR, sniper, shotgun, Spnkr, 2 SMGs, 4 magnums, Hydra, Spartan laser, and a sticky launcher from H4.
Props, I’ve made the Index and it lights up!. A few Light up Covi datapads and a half a dozen grenades of various kinds. Light up Cortana datachip. And also 4 Destiny ghosts. One whom now belongs to Nathan Fillion
halo cosplay
Wow what a listFavorite Superhero?
Tough choice but Spiderman is near the top.
Where can we find your work?
I have my own website http://peterthethinker.com/ and I am on twitter and flickr and Deviant Art.
Do you adventure out to Cons?
I Avg 5-10 cons a year, mostly in armor with my fellow HALO cosplayers. I’ve been Going to cons for over a decade.
halo cosplay
How do you make time for your builds?
3D printing has the advantage that once I get a good file I can work with, it’s just a matter of popping out parts and the avg part takes 6-9 hours so I can get one started as I leave for work and when I come back I can pry that one off and start a new one overnight.
Have you ever taught anybody your method?
Its hard as not everyone wants to use the same software. But I do mentor any one who has questions.
What’s your favorite snack?
Hmm that would have to be graham crackers and milk.
What advice would you give to newcomers in Prop building?
Network and join a maker space or some one like me who can guide you on a sane path. Most of what I do is  experimental in nature, but I like to guide others to not waste their time with methods that clearly don’t work.
Shout outs? Mentors?  
A shout out to Kaween in the EU who is my Euro printing Twin. To Cherry for her hard work with file management and to a close friend Eric who got me in to gaming, HALO and hooked on armor cosplay.
Check out Peter the thinker here: MegavoltService
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